Visiting central FL soon PLEASE READ!


Hi everyone,

We have had some awesome vaction weather in the year of 2006 so far. However we have not had much rain at all. All of central FL is very dry right now, our wooded area’s still have a ton of dead wood from prior year’s hurricanes. This combination is resulting in a not so good fire season. PLEASE be extra carful when you visit if smoke, please make sure your ciggerette butt gets into the ashtray. One little thing like this can start large fires. Today alone we had 800 acres burned in the county southwest of where I live. Fortunetly we have some great fire dept’s who are well prepared to deal with these fires and get them out quickly, and luckily we have had no homes lost.


Oh man that sucks! I hope that everyone is safe :flowers:


So far there have been no injuries but we have fires popping up everyday. Normally they are out in a few hours, I think the worst one I saw this year burned for 9 hours before it was out.


We are having the same thing down here…saw some big fires up in Polk today.

Stay safe!


Whoa! :eek:


Unfortunately, it’s not just CE FL. I’m all the way on the opposite side of FL and we had one in the next county over (I think, or was that in your county, Allyson?). But it only burned about 12 acres - they had under control in no time.


Yah thats were the lost 800 acres today. I went out to ST petersburg Pier today and saw signs driving back saying FOG and smoke area.


hey i used to live in polk county. I miss it.


I was under the impression you all were doing alot better up there becuase the recent cold fronts gave you rain the past few weeks. 12 acres is too big for me. Last year we had a 20 acre fire right next to disney along side I-4 I remember what a nightmare it was, trying to drive down I-4 with it covered in smoke and a ton of vistors on the road with you.


Thanks for the reminder, 15. I hope the fires are under control now.

It’s awful dry down in south florida too. In some ways I’m thankful since my ROOF IS STILL NOT FIXED FROM HURRICANE WILMA :angry: (sorry…that sounded a tad selfish)

So much of Florida, and many other parts of the country are still suffering. Let’s hope this year is quiet, tropically speaking. :wink:


If I never here the word “tropically” again it will be to soon, I’ve been through 6 of them in 2 years. I just need a quiet year for a while.


Nope. It rained slightly over the weekend, but not much. And right now, we’re back down to 56 degrees.

Oh, and apparently we’ve had 2 wildfires recently, one burned 12 acres, and the other has about 40. 12 acres article. 40 acres (with pictures!)

I couldn’t imagine doing Disney with all that smoke! Were the parks blanketed with it?


No Disney got lucky with that one the wind was blowing the smoke away, but you sure could see it from Disney. Reedy Creek (disney’s govt branch) Fire Dept sent all of there forest fire trucks out for that fire as well. I remember working I-4 during that fire thinking to myself something doesn’t seem right about it. 6 months later the announce the property was solld and a new resort was going in there.


How 'bout “batten down the hatches” and “hunker down”??

I swear I’m going to throw my last can of “hurricane season 2001” beanie weenies at the tv the next time an imbecile weatherman uses one of those god-awful clichés!!! :angry: :excl:


ROFL! :c)

“Batten down the hatches” “hunker down” - ROFL! It’s terrible!

It might be because I’ve had too much caffiene, or maybe because it’s kinda late, but that is so funny! LOL!
(the cliches, not the fires)


No those don’t bother me too much, I had to work the storms so I never did any of that stuff. This will be the first year I won’t be emergency personel in the event of a hurricane since I moved to FL.


Those fires were both in the same area of Santa Rosa county. Looks like firefighters from all three counties were helping though!! It’s WAYY too populated around there for fires to be breaking out…hopefully there won’t be anymore of that!


So well things haven’t improved in reguards to rain, we are seeing less major wild fires in Central FL. For the Month of March we had 4/10 of a INCH of rain in Kissimmee. Promting a new problem for us.

The lakes/ponds/aligator traps are low now. The gators are coming out of the water more often. Please keep a extra eye out for gators and stay far away from them and DO NOT PROVOKE THEM. Well on disney property your chances of seeing a real live gator in the wild are slim, however off property they are all over. We got 2 at my current APT.


Haha… gotta love alligator mating season in Florida… :ninja:


Stay safe everyone! :mickey: