Visitors to the resort


We will be down at BLT next week. We have friends who have moved to Florida and will be visiting us on Monday. My wife thinks the best place to meet is at a park but I think it would be better to have them meet us at BLT. Are there any issues with having guests for the Day?


Just call the gatehouse or front desk and let them know the name of your visitor. They will have to provide your name and room # when they get to the gate and receive a temp pass.


I also think it’s best for them to meet you at the resort. There are no issues with having a guest for the day.


It’s better to have them meet you in your lobby or even in your room than to meet in the park somewhere.
You shouldn’t need to call ahead to the gatehouse.
I’ve had visitors drop by, even when staying at Contemporary. All that happens is that you tell the guard you’re visiting “X” family and give their room number. You’ll then be directed to either park, or to go to the valet if there is one; the choice is yours whether to self park or not.