VMK gets 1 Million!


Virtual Magic Kingdom Hits Million Player Mark!

Wow! That’s crazy! There’s 1 million little characters running around VMK.

I seriously need to try this thing again. I knew it was big. I post on forums that have nothing to do with Disney, and people talk about it. But I didn’t know it was that big! :eek:


Same here. I created and account and played when it first came out, but just don’t have that much time to invest in it. Hm…I should see if I have access at work. I have plenty of time here!!


I am a VMK work playing junkie. :tongue:

The game is long term but you don’t have to put much time into it if you don’t want. It is very open to getting out of it what you want to… whether it’s just for friends, or games, or collecting items, or achieving goals, or just to see the place.


As a VMK original…we welcome all new members.
Like spider said…VMK is exactly what you what it to be. I was always in the games when I started. I recently have switched over to visiting guest rooms and I have also made my own game room. I have made some great virtual friends some of whom threaten me on a daily basis around. Yes, donut, you to. :tongue:
Anyone wanting a tour just let me know. :biggrin:

Warning it is an addiction, but hey it is a free addiction!


I might take you up on that. I played a few games, and then found the Hidden Mickeys, but other than that, I felt like I was just wandering around aimlessly. I’d like a few tips and hints…now to remember what the heck my username and password are!


once you remember pm me and I will set up a time and place to meet you on VMK.