VMK Revisted - Check it out


Hey, look what I found: GPVMK ? Memory of a great place to be with friends

Press Enter and relive the nostalgia of VMK. This is a really cool recreation of VMK in it’s later days. This person had about as much love for the game as I did. I was so excited to see this site and one last stroll through the streets of VMK. Hope you enjoy.

*I am not affliated in any way. I just happened upon the site and was pleasantly surprised at what I found and wanted to share.


Awesome!!! I am having withdrawals.


Awww, you’re in my tent, you moved my stuff around and where are my palm trees?


I sure miss the Capture the Flag game. Kids and I had a ball with that one.


I’ve never seen this site before… I just checked it out and I’m quickly getting addicted!!!


I know… right? I was just google searching VMK and this site popped up. I was very amazed at how complete the recreation actually is… very cool.


It is too bad Disney took it down. I tried it for awhile but for whatever reason the admins would not accept my screen name, KingOMiami. It is my username to get into Disney.com but I would keep messages saying that name is not accceptable so I was always Guestrandomfourdigits.