Who goes on VMK?Who likes VMK?I do!Who else does?My name is SmiggishSmig.


I am a VMKer.
I used to be Queensmama, but they recently made me change my name so now I am SillyQueen.


You will ALWAYS be Queensmama to us! :wub:

I am Cheshireboots.


Do you even play anymore??? I never see you either. Unless I am whomping you in fireworks. :tongue:


I am a VMKer also. If I remember correctly I am jmmelvin. Just like my name here.


I have never been to VMK…


I am… wdwspider. Although I have not been on in a while.

I am also an Administrator to Disney Central’s sister site… vmkingdom.com (link is at the bottom of all Disney Central pages). Queensmama is a moderator there as well. You should check it out. Lots of tips, spoilers, and just general talk about all things VMK.


I am a VMKer also, my name is Pumouse!


I’m also a VMK’er, but I am rarely on anymore. I’m PrincessJoy.


I am Googelibear. I used to be Adventuredopie but my character could not play the quests, so I packed up my stuff (except for my hero mask and purple hero suit which are not transferrable) and moved into my new character. I love it. I am there at least 3 times a week, EST.


I tried to go on, but it took too long and I gave up…for today…


~Amanda (AKA The Pirate & Princess Neko)

Countdown to my next WDW Trip at POR!

Countdown to MNSSHP!

Pumouse calls me Mig.No one else!Just kidding, call me Mig if you like!

I am going to call you BRAT!


What does that have to do with VMK?


I am stating a fact, if Pumouse can call you Mig - then I can call you brat!

No off topic for me, just discussing your name dear!


Scratch that… I am Celanna :happy:


Yes I still play-usually late at night or on the weekends…and just SHUT IT about the fireworks! :wink: :wink:


I’ve tried to log onto VMK yesterday, but the connection for me gets cut off every now and then.

Of course, I am still guest (whatever number)


That actually happens very frequently there. I don’t know what the trouble is but every one has the same problem. Don’t give up. Of course it’s best if your have more than just a phone connection.