Voice of Cinderella dies


Ilene Woods, the singing and speaking voice of the 1950 classic Cinderella died from the complications of Alzheimer’s disease in LA at the age of 81. I read this in the LA Times and learned some things about the movie and her life that were quite interesting. I never knew Mike Douglas was the singing voice of Prince Charming and that she was married to the former longtime drummer on the “Tonight Show”, Ed Shaughnessy. We definitely have lost a Disney Legend in her.


Oh thats sad, she had a beautiful voice. As one whose father died from complications derived from Alzheimers Disease, I have every sympathy with her loved ones.


Awww Im so sorry to hear that, she was so talented! Pixie dust to all her family at this sad time


I read that recently too, and I was saddened by the news as well. Cinderella is my FAVORITE movie, and So This Is Love is one of my favorite songs. A true treasure is gone.


Thats sad. I loved that movie and Cindy is my favorite princess. RIP


Sad to hear that news,alzheimer disease is what got my mom ,it is a horible way to go,not only for the victim but the family members as well,very sad news indeed …


So sad. When I gave birth to my son, and looked at him I could hear her singing So this is Love. So my son has two theme songs, that song and a song by Erykah Badu. Seems strange since they are so different, but that is all I could hear when I looked at him.:heart:


This is so sad, the people who sang in the Disney Classics had the best voices! Especially in Cinderella where she has such heart warming songs too, a legend is truly lost <3