Voices of Liberty...new dream!


Okay, so I got hired at WDW so I’m moving on to my next dream job lol
to be a singer in the Voices of Liberty in Epcot!

That is RIGHT up my singing alley, a cappella 8-10 parts! swoon that is my total dream ensamble to be in!!!

Here is a website where you can hear them singing…
My favourite is This Land is Your Land


Wow you’re making all kinds of moves. I need to get on the ball! Make those dreams come true girl! :wink:


oh tessa…tht would be so cool. I’m with dreamer, go for it and make all your dreams come true. :heart:


Come June, I’m gonna be in the front yelling “I know her! I know her!”


That would be great, Tessa! Keep movin’ on up!:mickey:


Ooooooh… I really admire beautiful voices! Go for it, and the best of luck!


Go for it, Tessa. And remember the little people who encouraged you along the way when you become a big star!!!

Sending some pixie dust your way!


What a wonderful goal, Tessa! Boy, if I was your age again, that would be something I’d want to aim for too. Go for it!!

And if you don’t get it right away…keep trying!


Go for it Tessa…and know that you have a whole bunch of friends here cheering you on!


That’s Great! Can’t wait to see you at WDW! :mickey:


Tessa You Rock! :mickey: :cool:


To be a “Voicer” is the only job at Disney I’d want!!!


hee hee thanks guys :smile:
I actually read on their website…
“I know some people who were rejected as many as 7 times before they were accepted into our group, and now they are wonderful members, don’t give up on your dreams”

So at least they’re all nice and encouraging :smile:
I need to pace myself though lol, I always want to do too many things! haha


Tessa that would be so exciting! You know every DC’er out there will be cheering you on!


Tessa, if it’s your dream job I say go for it… absolutely!!! You’ll make it happen if it’s meant to be!


That is perfect for you! I can’t wait until you get there and update us daily!


I am gonna stalk you when you work at Canada!
Oops, I mean, good luck!!!


Oh I love those singers - they get to wear really cool clothes too!! Sending you some Pixie Dust!!!


They are FANTASTIC!!! I love how you have your eye on your dream, I wish you all the luck in the world Tessa :mickey:


Ok… So if you get the gig singing for The Voices of Liberty at the American Pavilian, then all us DC’ers need to keep your dirty little secret… YOU’RE A CANADIAN… :biggrin: