Volde and 6-2-6's Unexpected, Sort of Last-Minute DL (and other stuff) Trip


In which certain explanations are made, and pre-DL things are shared

Welcome, Gentle Readers. By way of introduction (and for those of you who hadn’t seen previous posts), last month I learned that my dad has been ill. As information kept coming in, the potential severity of the situation became clear: major surgery was going to be performed and prudence dictated that I had best make a trip back to the States. A date had been scheduled for the end of August, so I planned accordingly.

Knowing that this had the potential to be a very stressful trip and that some Disney R&R could thus be good for body and soul, we decided to build in a small handful of DL days on my way back to the island. Bookings were made :wub: :cool:…and then suddenly, one day Hawaiian Airlines changed its flight schedule (surprise! :ohmy: :pinch:) and my four-night stay turned into a week :eek:.

Plans got adjusted. Conversations were had. A fateful breakfast was consumed…and 6-2-6 decided to join me in L.A. for that week. :cool:


For a variety of reasons, we hadn’t been planning on making a DL trip until next year (possibly the year after), but things changed and we’re going to make the most of it. It’s going to be a short trip – only 4 days at the parks, with some actual business-related stuff bracketing those days – but even a short stay at DL is better than none at all.

I’m now on my way to Tennessee to join my family, and will be meeting up with 6-2-6 back in L.A. on the 9th of September; that’s when the fun starts, and I’ll post live updates here as time and access allow. :happy: In the meantime, I wanted to share a couple of things to get the ball rolling.


In Transit
In which a certain MB crazy cat lady is suspected by an employee of the federal government to have engaged in nefarious behavior

Those of you who’ve been here long enough to remember the Bad Kitties (and you know who you are :ph34r:) will be well aware of my affinity for all things feline >^…^<. We have six, count 'em, SIX cats sharing our home right now – and yes, that’s a lot, believe me, I know – and one of them, Tanqueray by name, spent the week leading up to my departure sleeping on my carry-on bag. She’s a smart cat, as cats go; she knew something was up and she didn’t care for it one bit. It wasn’t until yesterday that the depth of her scheme came to light. Last night, I posted the following on Facebook:

Today’s travel highlight: While I was waiting for my checked bag at the baggage carousel in Honolulu, a customs agent was making the rounds of the passengers with his trusty goggie…who suddenly got very excited when she came to my carry-on bag. VERY excited. Downright enthusiastic. The agent calmly proceeded to ask if he could look in my bag. I calmly said, “Of course. Go right ahead.” This particular dog had been trained to seek out certain forms of contraband, i.e. foodstuffs, agricultural items, and (shhhh) smuggled animals. I told the agent that I had several cats at home, one of whom had been sleeping on that very bag for several days, and while she wanted to come with me, she didn’t actually make it onto the plane. The agent and I were actually a little amused by this, and the best we could figure was that I had been suspected by trusty goggie of harboring…

>^…^< >^…^< >^…^< UNDOCUMENTED KITTEHS. >^…^< >^…^< >^…^<

Well played, Tanqueray. Well played.

She only looks cute and innocent. Don’t be fooled. :laugh:


We’re big fans of Priceline at our house. We’ve gotten some terrific deals over the years, saved a bunch of $, and have had relatively few disappointments. I needed one night in L.A. on my way east, and found a good price on the Comfort Inn Cockatoo Near LAX.

Now, Comfort Inn can be something of an eyebrow-raiser, but this location had a good rating on TripAdvisor and I was feeling sanguine. Turns out I had every reason to be encouraged. :happy:

While the room is far from posh, it’s spacious, and most importantly, when I checked in it was spotless. It also has kitchen amenities with a mini-cooktop, a microwave and a full-size fridge, so I can see how this would be a dandy spot for someone who was going to be staying longer. The mattress was excellent and very comfortable, the staff helpful, friendly and courteous, and while it doesn’t show as being much of a much in the photo, that’s a :heart:JACUZZI TUB:heart: in the bathroom. I wanted to stay there until I sprouted gills. :laugh:

On the whole, highly commendable and an excellent value for the money. The Comfort Inn Cockatoo gets a big Finicky Kitteh Paw of Approval. :flowers:

ETA: I almost forget to mention my second-favorite thing about the room – the location. Just like the 2007 layover in Las Vegas, I found myself lodged at the very end of the hall in the room next to the stairs…known to CSI fans as Murder Central. Groovy. :cool: :laugh:


Sorry to hear you Dad is ill. Hope he’s feeling better.


Thanks, Beth. Unfortunately, he’s kind of in limbo right now. A routine pre-op test revealed an infection, so he’s got to complete a round of antibiotics and get a clear re-test before the surgeon will reschedule the operation. The procedure is extremely invasive, so the doc wants to be sure he’s as healthy otherwise as he can be when the surgery is performed. He’s definitely going to have it, we just don’t know when yet. :frown:


So sorry to hear of your father’s health problems, Voldy. I’m so glad that you’re able to be with your family. It hope that the surgery is successful and he is on the road to recovery soon.

Ah - sweet memories of the Bad Kitties!:happy: Tanqueray seems to be a cat of commendable intelligence. I can picture the sly smirk playing on the twitching corners of his this little kitty lips whilst contemplating your uncomfortable explanation to security staff (both human and canine). Well played indeed Tanqueray! That’ll teach the Human to desert an innocent cat! I’m looking forward to hearing more of your Disney adventures!


It’s a good thing you didn’t spend too much time in the tub. I don’t know your kitties personally (so they may be vegetarians), but usually things with gills don’t last too long with felines.

Hope everything works out ok with your dad.


First of all, I am sorry to hear about your dad.

I am however glad to hear that the Comfort Inn was indeed comfortable. I also agree with JoJo, creatures with gills and kittehs generally are not a good mix. :ohmy:

Anxiously awaiting the next installment.:wub:

Cute bag on the bed, by the way.


Sorry to hear about your dad being sick, but I’m really excited about the trip report your going to write. I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventure.



Cute bag on the bed, by the way.[/QUOTE]

Tanqueray sat on that one, too. :pirate:


Sorry your Dad is sick. I you have come to TN, then you are in my neck of the woods! (i’m in GA). Hope he feels better soon.


There comes a time when one realizes that in order to actually make it to Disneyland five days from now, there are only a certain number of pleadings that can be written and filed. before the big white bird leaves my little island in the South Pacific :mellow:

I think it’s the Mouse’s way of letting one know that your vacation is about to start, whether you like it or not. 48 hours isn’t a lot of time, despite that show 24 that seems to drag on forever… :pirate:


Time to put the suitcases on the bed. Gotta get lots of good cat pheromones all over them. I’ve heard that works out really well in airports. :laugh:


So sorry to hear about your dad, I hope they are able to get the infection under control and are able to proceed in short order.

I am happy to learn that you are able to spend some quality time in my park! It sounds like you’ll be there just in time to celebrate R2’s birthday! :slight_smile: I hope you are able to relax and enjoy your time at the Happiest Place on Earth!


At this moment, I’m sitting at the airport in Nashville, getting ready to board my flight to L.A. :happy:

It’s been a good two weeks, and I’m so glad I came. :wub: More will be forthcoming later once we’re checked in at the hotel tonight.

Tomorrow: DCA, for World of Color and Carsland and lunch at Carthay Circle and all sorts of other good things. Woohoo! :cool:


[QUOTE=Voldemort;1137637]At this moment, I’m sitting at the airport in Nashville, getting ready to board my flight to L.A. :happy:

It’s been a good two weeks, and I’m so glad I came. :wub: More will be forthcoming later once we’re checked in at the hotel tonight.

Tomorrow: DCA, for World of Color and Carsland and lunch at Carthay Circle and all sorts of other good things. Woohoo! :cool:[/QUOTE]

You WILL be first in line at the DCA gate tomorrow morning. You will get stopped again at the entrance to Cars Land and led sedately to the mile-long line for Radiator Springs.

This is brought to you by my inner Disney Commando, living vacariously through you.

OH- and you WILL be THAT woman, the pain in the rear who wants to ride in the front at Radiator Springs. The back is not a bad ride, but the whole thing is just so open and gorgeous from the front. :happy:



This is brought to you by my inner Disney Commando, living vacariously through you. [/QUOTE]

SOMEONE failed to warn us about the EVIL Carthay Circle. :ohmy:


:angel: Oh, I do look forward to this story.


Allegedly, the story will resume later this evening. Or so I’ve been told. :pirate:


Ahem. That was before someone spent the evening monopolizing the computer. All in the name of “work” and “research” on behalf of some “clients,” since there’s a “deposition” scheduled. (Honestly, the gall of some people. Sheesh. :pirate:)

It was also, more embarrassingly and all kidding aside, before I finally had the chance to look over what passed for pictures from this trip…and the realization dawned that there were awfully few of them. Over the course of the week, I took only about 100 pics, a mere fraction of which are usable for posting purposes and almost none of which were taken inside the parks themselves. I didn’t even manage to photograph all the food. :pinch: :eek: (Yeah, yeah, I know – who am I and what have I done with me?? :glare:) See, I made the rookie mistake of just enjoying my Disney time instead of documenting it, so what I’d end up with is a TR with close to no photos…which is almost, ALMOST as interesting as watching paint dry, but with fewer thrills.