Voldemort's "No Photos Allowed" TR


Chapter One: In Which a Brief Introduction is Offered, and a non-Disney Venue is Discussed

Felicitations, Gentle Readers. For any of you who haven’t been following (or have been unable to follow) the related Chit Chat thread, I am freshly returned from a trip to Disneyland (huzzah!). This portion of my trip will be discussed in exhaustive detail (particularly the food, because that’s what I do: I’m a professional cook). However, as neither I nor my fellow-traveler and bestest buddy in the whole wide world Experiment6-2-6 had a camera, THERE WILL BE NO DISNEYLAND PICTURES. Sorry. If you’re here seeking such visual gratification, you will be left sorely disappointed and crying in your beer like a bad country song. For those hardy souls who choose to soldier on, Random Bits of Silliness will be inserted as a reward as we go along.

Now, as some of you know, I was Stateside and away from my little island home for a whole four months. There was family business to attend to, ordinary business to attend to, and a whole lot of boring stuff in the intevening time between the beginning of August and the beginning December, and the vast majority of that will be left out. (You’re welcome.)

But I had, roughly, a 36-hour layover in Fabulous Las Vegas, and that’s where we’ll begin…as soon as I get back. I’m off to look over a worksite that’s under renovation. In the meantime, feel free to talk amongst yourselves – but please, for safety’s sake remember to keep your hands, arms, feet and legs within the TR at all times. Thank you.


Wow!!! so is this the big trip report from your entire trip??? We want to hear the dirt of the family stuff though- you know- to make us all feel like we are not alone in the freaky family stuff… ok so me at least! LOL


Asking us to talk amongst ourselves is rather dangerous, don’t you think?

As you are the high commander, I think its only proper that we muddle through your tr, picture-less though it may be.

Do you think, for my amusement, perhaps, you could insert random photos, just to make me think there are pictures?


:happy: Reads like we’re off to a great TR. Can’t wait for the Random Bits of Silliness.


Maybe she could just do renderings?:huh: Or…she could just use R2’s rejects? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

So…“talk amongst yourselves” is license to jack her thread? Well, having permission is no fun. No fun at all!:laugh: :laugh:


You could make it interesting by re-inserting trip pictures from others trip reports.


I know. Its like she did that on purpose. To make us not threadjack.



Well…that plan CLEARLY backfired on her!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:




I will say one thing…that woman can SHOP!:laugh: :laugh:


This is going to be a fun TR to read.


What ??? no Pictures!!!:eek:


I’m telling you…lend her your rejects!:laugh: :laugh:

just sayin:cool:


Are she could hire a sketch artist or something:laugh:


Yep, that’s a good option as well!:happy:


Whoo Hoo! Voldy’s TR! I will definitely take the Random Bits of Silliness since there are no pictures.

Okay, Bad Kitty Poobah, commence with the silliness!!!


Random Bits of Silliness = RBS:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


No, PTink, it’s HER BS, not Our BS!


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Very good!! And true!:laugh: :laugh:


I doubt R2Go has any rejects.