Voucher question


If I buy the quick and casual vouchers now will they still be valid for January? How long till they usually expire? Has anyone bought them recently? If so, is there an expriration date on them? I am still finding ways to pay off more and more of my trip and buying a few of these will at least do for lunches. Thanks in advacne for the help. I know we cover this topic over and over again, but I couldn’t find anything about expiration dates. :mickey:


The last bunch that I got expire in May 2005.


Thanks so much. Have these worked out well for you? This is my first time trying them out. I am getting 8 quick and casuals today for my trip and maybe a few breakfast ones later on. Thanks for the quick response. :mickey:


I just bought four days worth (8) for me and my DD…here goes nothing. :mickey:


Make sure you find out the date they expire!! I bought some and when I got them they expired in May 04 and I thought it was May 05!!! Luckily I knew someone going and interested in them !!!


Dana, I found that you get the most for your value at the food courts at the resorts rather than at the parks. That’s because most of the meals at the parks include fries so you don’t get an extra side dish. The best place to use them is at Pepper Market at Coronado or at Beaches and Cream. We used some at our resort food court and it worked out well. My 2 DD split the meal so that helped value wise, also.


This will work out perfectly then. My DD and I usually do lunch at the resorts during our afternoon breaks. If not we grab counter service in one of the parks. Thanks again for the information. Just paying off a few of the meals in advance appeals to me. I like the idea of not having so much cash on me…only vouchers…lol I am definately going to grab a few for character breakfasts, but not to many becasue the value just isn’t there for most of them.

inluvwith -

I think I am safe with the may 05 expiration. I am going in January 05,so they shoudl be fine. Thanks for thinking of me. :mickey:


I’ve never heard of these - where do you get them?


I have an account with Hotwire. It cost like $7.95 a month for the membership. You are able to purchase several different kinds of meals vouchers on there to prepay for meals. They also have Park Hopper Tickets, but disney’s are cheaper. :mickey: If you want to get them Janice, you can use my account. Let me know. :mickey:


Thanks Dana. Sounds interesting - I’ll let you know. First I need a countdown :dry:


Hmmm…yes, you need one of those first. :laugh: No worries now. Interval will be calling before you know it…they better darn it!


I have leftovers from our trip Expire may 05, thought they saved about 3 or 4 dollars each meal. Guess I had better sell them EBAY to get some back. I have never sold anything there before, first for everything though.


queensmama, perhaps you’d like to consider selling your extra vouchers here

The reason I offer these alternative is you needn’t pay any listing fees or sales fees tp the site (as you do with EBay.) It is completely free to sign up with the site, too. I have sold several items abd all sales were quick and easy.

Good luck!


Thanks I’ll look into this. :flowers:



I don’t mind at all. They had 4, 5 and 6 day park hoppers. They are priced higher then if you bought them from Disney online or at a Disney store, so I am definately not buying them there. It’s not higher by much, but when you are paying over $200 for a pass, every dollar you can save counts in my eyes. I highly reccomend getting them from the Disney store or disney store.com.


Dana wrote:

They are priced higher then if you bought them from Disney online or at a Disney store

I am wondering if there is a discount at TDS that I do not know about (!!!) since I checked the advanced purchase price ($259 per adult) for a 5 day PH on Disney’s website and at Hotwire, the price is $248.27 each. Are the tix less expensive at the store?


Hotwire is less expensive, because tax is included in the price and shipping is free.


I priced the 4 day hopper at the disney store for $202 and they are $208 on hotwire. Yes, it’s only six dollars. I just try and save as much as I can on the big things. I don’t know about the 5 and 6 day prices though. I only research 4 day ones.


karliebug and dana, thanks for the clarification!