VWL owners- I need a 4 point transfer!


Hey friends- I’m short 4 points for my VWL trip- they must be VWL points since I am using the 11 month window. I need them ASAP.

Please PM me- I’ll make it worth your while :happy:


Sounds like a good case for rent them from DVC, especially since it’s only 4 points.


I’ve not need to rent extra points from DVC before but don’t you have to wait until the 7 month window or can you do at 11 months out?


Exactly my problem… I have enough points at 7 months using my other contracts, but I need 4 more VWL points before the 7 month window opens up (Christmas week ressie!). DVC will only “sell” them to me at 7 months, which doesn’t help me. I need them within the next couple of days :glare:


I wish i could help you. Have you tried mouseowners? They have a pretty active rent/trade board.


Working on it- thanks for the suggestion :happy: