VWL Points Available!


Hey everyone…I got an email from DVC. They have released 2450 points for sale to DVC members in an October use year. Currently there are only 1500 left. (I got mine today!!). $92 per point & expiring in 2042.

If you want to add on at VWL, now may be the last chance for a while.


WOW, how cool! Do you have to buy a minimum amount? Is this offer only for members whose home resort is WLV? I just looked at dvcmembers.com and didn’t see anything about it.


I think the minimum add on is 25 points (50 if you want to use Disney’s financing). The email was only sent to members who own at VWL. However, any vacation guide may be able sell you these points. Here is the text from the email.

"As an owner of The Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, you’re among the first to know about this opportunity to purchase an additional Ownership Interest. As of January 31, 2006, only 2450 Vacation Points were available in your Use Year. So hurry to stake your claim! "


That’s not a bad price. VWL points are going for $80-90 resale through resale companies but most of the lower priced resales are stripped of current points. For a few dollars more you get current points.


I agree. That’s why we jumped at the chance to grab more points while they are available.


We bought 60 more! :wub:

This is awesome… we had regretted not buying enough for 8-day trips and I really didn’t think we’d get the opportunity.



Congrats on the add on points, Bruce!