W00t we are staying another day


A couple of months ago I had asked DW if she wanted to stay an extra day for our trip next month and at the time she said no. On Tuesday I asked her again and at first she was like, well we will lose a day of unwinding time. My response was no, that weekend is MLK holiday weekend so she would have the Monday to sleep in as well whic she then responded “YES!”

SO I am pretty stoked to stay at SSR (or possibly BWV that we are waitlisted) for an extra day. Plus it will make it a bit more relaxed since I won’t be trying to pack so much stuff in for 4 days when we will have the 5th day now.

YAY!!! :laugh:


Awesome, congrats! Bonus days are the best! Now tell her that 5 days is really close to 7 and you might as well make it a full week :tongue:


LOL I wish we could stay that long but we don’t have the points for it :stuck_out_tongue: