Yesterday my post count read 996… and today it says 960.

I’ve gotten higher before and it’s taken me back to 960, too. Why is this? Does the forum delete so many threads after so much time, which continues to leave me at 960? Does it merge back-to-back posts? Or am I stuck here???

Sorry… I suppose it shouldn’t mean that much. I just want to hit 1,000 and I was almost there. :crying:


You know, this is one of life’s great mysteries. Sometimes your post count goes down if a thread is pulled, but, other times, I am not sure what has happened.

You keep posting, you’ll get there!! Remember, its not about the quantity, its the quality of your posts!!:happy:

Which means, I should probably have a post count of about 10. Hehee!!


I don’t have answers for you but I think it is important too! I got excited because I just hit 100 and am now a senoir mouseketeer I am waiting to be able to add my countdown too!


You and me both!:pinch:


Yeah… I try not to say anything pointless or stupid. It’s difficult, though.


Yes, well, you know what they say, though, pointless and stupid makes the world go round. :laugh:


:blink: :blink: :blink:


Your post count would go down if a thread was moved to chit chat forum or if it was deleted. This “forum”, as you put it, doesn’t just delete threads for no reason. The moderators delete threads that are duplicates or heated agruements that have nothing positive to add to the board. IF a thread has been merged, then there was a reason for it. I assure you that it isn’t a plot to keep you from your 1000th post.


:laugh:… nah I didn’t think so. On some other forums I’ve been a member of, threads delete after so many inactive days. I meant post merges… I was thinking that maybe my TR posts didn’t add to my count. I noticed that one post said 994 and the one below it said 995… usually it would change both counts.


…and if anyone knows about post counts…:laugh:

I still can’t get over your total count Dana, I am shocked every time I see it. You should be co-owner of Mousebuzz at this point. :happy:


Wow, we are so sensicle today, aren’t we?

And :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: at your actual post count :laugh: :blush:


Ditto what Dana said. Mods have to move threads around the board often and that messes with the post count. Also, I have noticed the post count isn’t always exactly reliable after you post, I have noticed mine jump up and down several times (just small numbers) after I post a lot in one night. It must get confused.


Hey…I have been on here for almost 6 years…:laugh: