Wait a second


I can’t stay at Saratoga Springs after all if I’m not a DVC member, right?:pinch:


what if you rent points?


Oh no. You can. There are units available for rent because members trade for other disney properties/cruises/other timeshares. Or you can rent points.

Generally slightly more expensive because larger and include kitchen or kitchenette, but getting the 1, 2 or 3 BR can be cheaper than 2-4 rooms.

The 3 BR unit is like 2000 square feet with 3 full baths!


Oh! Well, there ya go, Jenster! :c)


Renting points is a great and economical way to stay at the DVC resorts.


I couldn’t agree more. Rent the points. It will save you a fortune over the rack rate.


what do you mean by ‘rent points’?


Hi Campbell87!!! Welcome to DC!!! Here is a link that may help you with the basics. We are going to WDW on rented points in 2 weeks - let me know if you have any questions as we just went through the process ourselves! :mickey:



Yep–you can rent points or you can book there like you’d book at any other hotel (just more expensive…). I’d suggest renting like the rest have–easy and cheap!! I also have a great “DVC landlord” that I rent from that I can highly recommend.


Also at mousesavers.com:

http://www.mousesavers.com/dvc.html#rentpoints .


I have to agree, renting points is such a GREAT way of staying at a Deluxe Hotel for Moderate price! I am staying the first week of December for $110 a night on rented points. (BCV OR BWV…last resort, WLV) :wink: YOu don’t have to pay any taxes or anything. PLUS, DVCers (or renters) can buy the dining plan WITHOUT BUYING A MAGIC YOUR WAY PACKAGE!!! No ticket purchase required! :mickey:


EJ, you should get a tent and go camping at FW!


You like living on the edge, don’t you Cavey? :dry:


Where do you shower if you have a tent at FW?


There a “Convenient Stations” near the campsites. They are clean and well-maintained.

BTW, FW is rated the best campground east of the Mississippi for its amenities!


What’s this obsession with showering? Pete must stay really clean. :tongue:


I got a whiff of Pete at the Spoodles Meet-n-Greet and he smelled fine!!!(LOL)




I still don’t get it? So who do you rent the points from? how much is each point?


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RC - did you ever see the Geico Car Insurance commercial that makes fun of Cavemen?!?!?! OMG it is too funny!