Wait List for another day at DVC


Hey guys,

We went through DVCRentalstore again and rented points. I got September 16-22 no problem, but we wanted to add the 15th too.

Well, we had to get wait listed for that day, for two studios.

Anyone ever had to wait list for a day and had any luck with it?


^ Yes and YEs. I would feel better if you were still outside the 7 months… but I still think you got a good chance. Good luck!


I have tried for a waitlist room on many occasions, and alas it has never worked out. That said, going for 2 studios instead of a 1br or 2br probably is much more likely to work out! Good luck!


Best of Luck

I have wait listed many times and never gotten it, but that doesn’t mean that it does not happen.