Wait list for December


Hi folks. I have seen a number of people saying that they are going to either BCV or BWV during December. Could you tell me if you had to go on the wait list first or got straight in. I ask because I phoned up on a day-by-day basis back in May when the 7 month window opened. I wanted BCV or BWV but was told they were fully booked and so I got SSR and put on the wait list for the other 2 resorts. I have heard nothing since so was wondering if anybody had been successful with a BCV or BWV wait list for anytime in December.


John, Lincoln, ENGLAND


i am in the same boat as you are. we booked for december 9-16 11 months out @ ssr, and requested BCV, WLV, BWV all 8 months out, and was told they are completely booked. i have been on the wait list ever since…

if anything changes, i’ll let you know…


I have been booked at SSR since 11 months before my December trip. At 8 months (or 7 months…whenever you can switch to other resorts), we called to change my ressie and NOTHING WAS AVAILABLE! I am currently on the waitlist for BCV, BWV or WLV for 12/3-12/8.

It’s Value Season everywhere else, but it’s PRIME TIME at DVC resorts, for some reason!


i have found that most of the hotels do not have many dedicated DVC 2 room suites (there are a total of 8 between BCV, BWV and WL) so if there are a lot of poeple using 1 room, they are unable to open the doors and make them 2 rooms for the bigger crowds.


We are in a 1 bedroom for 4 nights 12/11 - 12/15 at VWL. I am on a waitlist to change to a 2 bedroom and also to add the 10th. I placed my original reservation at 7 months.


i called them today to see how things were progressing. i asked what were my chances of getting moved. the cm i spoke to told me that i am so far down the waitlist, that i shouldn’t even bother worrying about it, and i made the request back in june (7 months out). which i sfine with me, at least i know. besides, i still have my SSR reservation for that week.


I figured our waitlist was not going to happen. I am however still holding out the slimmest hope to get the day before (12/10) added!?!?!?!?!


i wish you luck on getting it…


Interesting. I am going to phone too. When I have phoned previously I was told they were not able to tell me where I am on the wait-list. Obviously this is not the case.

When I made the reservation I phoned on a day by day basis back in May. So on 7th May I phoned for 7th December, on the 8th May I phoned for 8th December etc etc. Each day I also asked to go on Boardwalk and Beach Club waitlist. I also phoned at 8am everyday as soon as the offices opened. Therefore, I feel it impossible for there to be many ahead of me on the waitlist.

Thanks everybody for the info.



We are booked for the first week of December, but BCV is our home resort. We booked as soon as the 11 month window opened. It is the first time we booked a 2 bedroom, so we weren’t sure how early we had to book. I guess we made the right choice. :eek:


Does your home resort make a difference in availability for booking?


It makes a difference as to when you are allowed to book.

You can book your home resort 11 months in advance. All other resorts you can only book 7 months in advance.

This means you are virtually guaranteed to get your home resort if you take advantage of that extra 4 months.

If you want something other than your home resort you are relying a bit to luck.



Thanks for the info!!


That’s because DVC members know the BEST times to visit. I just booked (had to wait and see when everybody would be home from college) and ended up going to POLY because I couldn’t get enough rooms/nites at DVC.

Fortunately I have “bonus points” from add on to use and we love POLY.



GREAT choice…it’s my favorite place to stay at WDW so far!!! Tonga Toast…YUM! And don’t forget 'Ohana!!! :wub:


it looks especially if you need anything larger than a 1 bedroom, as most of the resorts have limited number of dedicated 2 room villas…


Just contacted DVC. I clearly have no chance. They work there way through the wait list based on how many nights you want NOT how long you have been on it. I have been on the wait list since May for 14 nights. If somebody had just been on the wait list since only yesterday for a 4 night vacation, they would jump ahead of me if a 4 night cancellation came along. Therefore I clearly do not have a hope because I am going for so long whereas somebody going for just 3 or 4 night may have a chance even if they have not been on the waitlist very long. Huh - I’m not 100% happy with this. I appear to be being penalised for wanting to stay with Disney for a long period of time. Doesn’t seem quite fair. I now need to prepare myself for 14 nights at Saratoga. Oh well hardly the worse place in the world is it?



well that doesn’t seem fair at all. i can understand their reasoning. it is easier to move a shorter stay, but it is not fair…


I agree. At the end of the day Disney is a business with ‘money making’ top of their priority list.


And those potatoes…yummy. :happy: