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Hi ! We’re new to the site. We’re from PA, and we’ve been to Disney 6 times. I’m very happy to say we’ll be visiting again this month as we plan to spend two days at the parks after we take a three day cruise. We usually go to Disney in early December to enjoy the holiday festivities. This will be our first springtime visit. Is there any way you can go online and see the waiting times for the rides ? We’ll be visiting Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios for our two days and we’ll be using the Extra Magic Hours for the first time.


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here is a good site with the information about extra magic hours but I haven’t heard anything about seeing ride wait times online. If you go to the individual parks there is a board that tells you all the wait times the one in HS is on the corner of Hollywood blvd. and sunset blvd. The MK board is right off main street USA before the statue of Micky and Disney.


If you have an iPhone, you can download an app that will give you a rough estimation of ride wait times (its more accurate the more people who use it and update it so Ive heard)


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May I suggest you pick up the “Unofficial Guide” at your local bookstore. It shows wait times historically for each day of the year. Then, once you own it, it will give you access to their website with up to date information. You need the book for the website because it will ask you to log in to the site by finding something like the last word on page 234 as the password.


By the way, we were considering going the week after Thanksgiving this year. We’ve never been there in early December. What’s it like then?


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this site has the crowd levels for the next few weeks
Disney World Crowd Calendar — The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World


I agree ~ the “unofficial guide” is a wonderful resource! As far as wait times, we try to plan out our “must-do” rides & attractions then plan based on that. WELCOME TO MOUSEBUZZ! This site alone will provide you with SOOO much info! Enjoy!


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Big Al, we’re from eastern PA as well. NEPA. Our visit time has always been the second week in December. Some years we’ve had no longer than 10 minute waits, but other years we ran into the typical 20-30 minute waits. We utilize Fast Pass as much as possible. We love the Christmas decorations especially the Osbourne light show at Hollywood Studios. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas is also a treat.


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Verizon was advertising some app that you could purchase (:glare:) that gives wait times & where to find the characters.
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Depending on your phone type there are several options. Disney Magic is available on some Verizon phones. On smart phones you can go to the Disney mobile site and look at all the park times. iphone has an app and so does the Droid. The Droid has an app for the WDW lines through Touringplans.com and there is also an app that is user updated called Ride Hopper that does over 200 parks across the USA.

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We tried the iPhone app last September but it was very spotty as to accuracy. I’m guessing apps like that work better in dense crowds (where there is a lot of iPhone input).

Never been there in early Dec., but based on listening and reading I imagine lines aren’t historically that bad. Getting the Unofficial Guide is great advice. Their online link above gives you heavily researched historical crowd levels. I would say levels at 6 or below mean good times. Also, know like the rest of us here, the morning EMH park will often be the most crowded park of all for most of its day.

However, even UG says their crowd level chart has less bearing on wait times than picking a good touring plan from the book or site and following it.

We’ve followed the touring plans in the middle of summer many times and rarely waited more than 15 minutes.

Hope this helps and have a great trip!


I am able to see the wait times and FP distribution on my phone through an application on Sprint. Check your provider.