Waited till the last minute and this is what I get


Just goes to show you how long it has been since I’ve been to wdw! I thought I could just get some PS when I got to the resort friday, but DW told me to get some ADR’s out of the way, so we could have some definate places to eat. (she’s soo smart sometimes!! :wub: )
SO today I finally make them and boy was space limited!!! No Chef Mickeys, no Ohanas (for CB), and CP was very limited. I got all the CM’s I could get in our short time. Oh and NO Le Cellier!! I was mad!! :nonono2:
Anyways this is what I got stuck with, Well CG is the Highlight for me, I just worry about DS staying up so late that night, thankfully our resort is a quick monorail hop away. Any suggestions for us, since Whispering canyon is smack dab in the middle of the day, I guess the other times will be for snacking?? Its really throwing me off what to do on that day! :eek:

4/28 5:00pm-marrakesh Epcot
4/29 11:10am-garden grill Epcot
9:40pm-California grill contemporary
4/30 2:00pm-Whispering Canyon Cafe Wilderness Lodge
5/01 10:40am- 1900 park faire grand floridian
7:20pm-spoodles Boardwalk
5/02 9:40am-cape may cafe Beach Club


That stinks! Keep trying back. People do cancel.


Yes, I would keep trying! There are always cancellations! I’d also try when you get there! I mean, it couldn’t hurt! :happy:


yeah I was still gonna try when I get down there, but California grill…ouch, that hurts just thinking about a cancelation fee…still I cant wait…yum sushi…


Crossing fingers for you :cool:


Hope you get what you want. Like others said,keep calling back.Use the toll free number(877-939-3732).


Theres a toll free number?!?!?! :huh:
ah well either way it woulda used my minutes, thanks all for the advice.
After looking it over its not so bad, plus who could resist the california grill???
That makes all the reservations better, my dw is so excited after I told her!


I noticed you have Marrakesh! That is one of our favorites! You won’t be disappointed.


Maybe Tessa could sneak you into LeCellier. :wink:

I agree with everyone else - keep calling.


When you get down to it - It’s WDW so it’s all good.


Most of your choices look great! Too bad about Le Cellier!


Depending on your resort, and I’m guessing if you mentioned only being a short monorail ride away, you’re probably at the Poly or GF. The concierge desks in the deluxe resorts lobbies can sometimes pull rabbits from hats and if you’re a concierge guest you have even better chances. Also, as everyone else says keep checking. Cancellations happen all day long. Another hint. WDW DINE can be called from anywhere in WDW’s resorts by dialing 59 (I hope I’m right about that extension, I just have WDW DINE on speed dial on my cell phone).


This was actually one we wanted to get, but from what I’ve heard its not usually hard to get a table with them, so I wasn’t surprised.

Guess I just wanted the Ohana CB, since it had stitch in it, plus staying at the Poly we could just walk there. Still looking at the menu I prefer buffet style as its easier for me to get what I want.
THanks guys again for the tips, only a couple more hours till I’m there…I just dread the drive I’m gonna have tonight!


Well, even though you didn’t get Le Cellier or Ohana’s, you still got some pretty good spots. I’d definitely keep checking back though. You just might get in a spot somebody cancelled…


I feel the same about “family style” service. but I have to ask, how’d you choose Garden Grill, it’s also “family style”. We ate there on New Year’s Day and the service was good, characters available to kids, the rotating dining stage and the forest and all, but again, I like to choose how much and what I put on my plate. I hate to throw away food I don’t like.


Yeah its weird, when its comfort food I love fam style, cause its how we do in the south, breakfast fam style is just err I don’t know…kinda weird especially if someone eats all the sausage (my wife)!!!
Also as you can see in my sig, Garden Grill is not where my wife wants to go.
Oh and of course that was the only way to see mickey and not have to wait in line. It was mostly cause Disney Dining was asking if I was trying to see mickey, since I asked for chef mickeys and ohanas. I figured where else can you see mickey in his farmer outfit too.
Going back to Fam style, like we’re going to WCC just for the skillet. That all goes back to comfort food: Chicken, ribs, mashed taters, and cole slaw! I remember getting seconds on most of those. Getting hungry thinking about it… :happy:


One of these trips we’ll have to do Whispering Canyon. Don’t give up on getting into Crystal Palace and Chef Mickey’s. Same with O’hana. Keep using the courtesy phone, or cell phone if you’re gonna burn minutes to call WDW DINE and see if something has opened up. You might also do better on week days than weekends, but the Poly’s concierge pulled out a table for 2 at Chef Mickey’s on our anniversary on a Saturday morning, when the week before, there was no Chef Mickey available at all. So, don’t give up, and prepare to be a little flexible for dining times.


when we were down there i June we decided last minute we wanted to ahve dinner at crystal palace i called and we got the last seating it was great there was less people so we got alot of character time. our kids are older so eating at 9:30 was not a problem.


That’s another trick I use, getting the latest seating. Especially at CP, if you get a 10:25 seating, you get rewarded with Disney’s only character brunch. Because they don’t stop serving, they shut down one breakfast line and convert to lunch while the other still serves breakfast. Plus the crowd in the dining room is smaller and you get more time. Heck, last trip, I had a 5 minute conversation with the Mad Hatter at 1900’s Park Fare. I didn’t need any more character interaction after that!


CG is awesome.