Waiting for AP codes?


Am I the only one going nuts wait for AP codes to come out for mid-April through June? I have been calling once or twice a day just to check and see if there’s anything out there. On the up side, I’ve forgotten how much I love being on hold with Disney, I almost don’t want a CM to pick up.


Nope …I would like to see them as well. :smile:


The word on the street is the 28th…
By the way…“the street” is Mickey


I’ve also heard tomorrow may be the day. I’m not taking any chances, I’m calling in the morning.


I forgot to ask, what are your days?


Right now I’m looking at 6/21-7/12. But that could change. :pinch:


I am hoping the code is good through July 4th, that would fit your dates perfectly.


Yes we can hope. :wink:


I’ve read two possible dates; June 1 and July 4. I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens this week.


I’m waiting for them, too! Here’s hoping that tomorrow’s the day!!!


I hope they come out soon for all of you! The waiting is the hardest part.


When DH called to book our Dec. trip the other day, the CM he was talking to said they are really slow this year with the discounts. She didn’t have a reason why, but said she couldn’t understand why they weren’t out for past April.


I’m waiting as well. BTW,didn’t Mickey say the 23rd?


I got an AP rate TODAY!!! I am so excited. I didn’t save a lot but every bit helps. POR went form $155 per night to $119. I did ask the dates of the code but my trip starts May 24th.

Use code EZN when you call.


Come on code for June - July :smile:


They are out: http://www.disneycentral.com/forum/showthread.php?t=24924

Here is the thread (above)


I almost never want them to either…soemthing about that on-hold music that allows me to pretend I’m actually there instead of in NJ.