Waiting on


the August park hours! I need to plan…can’t wait for them to open up. I want to see that MNSSHP slated for the 29th with the 7pm closing at the MK. I am so excited already. How am I suppose to wait until August? I go through this anticipation thing every year. You would think I would get used to it…lol Anyone else go through this? The waiting to see my park hours is killing me…waiting to get the perfect airfare is killing me…can’t wait any longer…lol


i can only imagine what these loose ends are doing to you!! hang in there dana!!!


I think it should be posted soon… hang in there Dana…


I hear ya Dana!!! I am DYING to start getting an idea of our plans for October, I refuse to even think about ADRs until I know park hours & which days the EMHs are. I have awhile to wait though [sigh]. I think they pushed the MNSSHP dates earlier just for you! :smile: When will the August calendar be posted, how early do they do it?


i need the Sept hours, i am so excited but its like i still have over 200 days wait, bummer.


wow- halloween in Aug? They were doing P&PP last sept and not halloween- I have never been to the Halloween one.


halloween parade and fireworks are awesome, woohoo! are you guys going to go?

dana - i feel for you! i hate to wait! especially when its something that’s pretty much guessable (it doesn’t change that much from year to year, right?), but enough of a gamble of major changes, that you have to wait. ugh!

i, on the other hand, am waiting for the green light from DH - to plan on either january or NEXT june. boo. of course, if he gets this job…i may be able to talk him into september if there is free dining again. ((fingers crossed all around))


I know it is hard to wait… still waiting here… and will be for a while…


I can’t wait either…I really hoped for a PPP in August but if they’re starting MNSSHP then I’ll go to that instead! I can start making my adr’s on 2/17…tick, tock


I guess I should start planning…:mellow:


have you checked DIS … Walt Disney World Theme Park Park Hours - June 2008


:laugh: Don’t do this to Dana…You know how crazy she gets about planning and packing. At 26 days out you should be packed with your bags at the door–get moving!


Good luck Dana


I know exactly how that feels Dana, wow it’s the worst antsy feeling ever!!

If it weren’t for this quick Feb trip, I would still be waiting for September hours! :pinch:


I hate the waiting too! A big part of the fun for me is all in the planning!

I like to start planning my meals immediately and clearly you need the park hours for that! C’mon, Disney, get it together!


You can always use last year’s park hours as a very good guide to what will be this year. Even the EMH days change very little, if at all from year to year.


She does this on purpose…lol kidding my llama friend.

I don’t want to wait anymore…I need to plan a trip. Who wants a trip planned?


I’m waiting too, on Sept. hours. I have more planning to do this time than most other times. The only thing I usually plan is ADR’s. This time with mom going with us I want everything to be great. She hasn’t been since the 70’s. I have so much to share with her.


I wish I could say I do but I think I have things worked out for our May/June trip. My friend and I talked last night while the guys were out at poker night and she was fine with everything I booked. Now I just need to pay attention to the P&P dates so I can order tickets, it’s Nate’s birthday that night so it’s a good time to go.


I am so glad they liked your plans. I kinda knew they would ,but was hoping all the same. P&P party would be perfect for nate’s bday!