Waiting UNpatiently for Nov hours


Anyone else waiting very unpatiently for Nov park hours?

It’s 6 months WDW where are the hours???!!!

I only have 3 weeks til I can make my ADR’s :blush: don’t they know this is vital to my planning?? :blink:

My family thinks I’m nuts, but how else am I going to pass the 198 days until my trip!


I’m TOTALLY with you; although I’m waiting for December hours!


YES!!! It is driving me insane. I check every day about 3 times a day for those hours!!! Do they not understand if I don’t plan something soon there could be a total melt down!!!


I’m sure they will release them anytime now.


I too am going in the end of Nov until the first wekk of December. So I’m waiting for both. I did notice that they don’t have November up yet and its driving me crazy and I really don’t really need to make ADR’s then. I hope they don’t do that with December because that’s crunch time for me.


ME TOO!!! :whistling

AND… I had to make my ADR"s yesterday w/o them!!! :glare:


WOW! I thought it was just me waiting for November park hours to post. This information is sooooooo important when it comes to making ADRs. I’m just happy to know that I’m not going crazy alone:laugh: :laugh:


Today is my 180day. I get to make my adrs.But I can’t because I need the Nov hours first to make our plans.Also need to see when SSW will be,need to avoid DHS that weekend we also avoid night EMH.I will just have to wing it to get my adrs done.


I’m waiting for November too. We have to make our ADR’s for the first few days of November and it sure would help if the park hours were up!


If you call, will any of the CM know or do they get it when it posts online too?


SSW should be that 2nd weekend in Nov.
11/15- 11/16

I would be surprised if it’s the weekend before!


When I called Sunday, the CM I s/w had no idea!!!
First she told me they were up, then she said: “nope your right, any day now!” :pinch:


Yup!!! I confirmed it. If you google SSW 2008, you will get various sites with dates, etc…
Here is one I will post:
ABC Super Soap Weekend at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Thanks for the info.So many rumors said it would be on the 8&9.glad we will miss SSW.


I sure hope it goes real fast for you but then slows way down about October. That way I can get to my next vacation fast but then my vacation time goes real slow. :laugh:


Check intercot.com. They always have them up before Disney and they are always right.


I stand corrected…i just checked and even they don’t have them up yet…VERY odd!


Generally it’s NOT that weekend because us Folks in Joisey, our kids have off that first week of November for the most part, and SSW never falls on that same weekend!


IVe been checking them everyday!
That and the main disney website!


THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! What the heck is going on??? I don’t know how those of you past the 180 day mark already are staying sane. I’m about to lose it and I don’t make ADRs until Memorial Day!