We have a small problem… wether to wait for a sale on wdw packages for august to come out or just book package right now then rebook with the sale package?? :blink:

Was also looking in to also staying off site to save some money but have noticed that there’s only a bit of difference between on site price package and offisite packages without the meal plan. So again we’ve decided to go with our fav PC!:happy:

So any suggestions?:blink:


If a deal comes out you should be able to ask that the price difference be applied to your currently booked package. Call and ask.


You can book now and apply a code to your reservation if something comes out.


Same idea here. Just book it now and watch for sales and call if something comes out.


If you are 100% sure you will stay at WDW regardless of whether or not a good promo comes out, then you should just book now. There’s no risk in doing so. If a good promo is announced, you can change your booked package to the new promo package (as long as the promo is available for your dates at your resort).

The only time there would be a problem with this is if you make the change after you’ve made your final payment on the package; after that point, you’d most likely have to pay a change fee.


Book and readjust the reservation later if some discount or free DDP comes out.


Book now and modify later.
If you book room only, you only need a deposit equal to one night.
If you book a package, you only need come up with $200 for the deposit.
The difference is that with a package, you have to come up with the full amount 45 days before arrival while room only requires no extra money until you either check in or if you modify to a plan inside the 45 day mark.


I agree book now. then wait and apply promo code later. like soundgod says.


Book now! I’ve done this in the past; I booked when I was ready to and when the sale was posted I called my agent and got the sale pricing. No problem at all…


I have decided to book and paid for the entire trip :pinch: I hope that was a good choice


Now just watch the boards and if a better deal comes up grab it. Let the planning begin.


I think you made a good choice. Disney seems to be running deals like crazy all over the place. I’m sure you can make an adjustment later if you come across something better.