Waitlist Experiences


Hi folks,

Here we are, sitting in our SSR villa and already I’m thinking about our June 2008 vacation. Guess we just can’t get enough of the “mouse”! Anyway, I was interested to hear your experiences with waitlist. We wound up booking a 2bdr at OKW (OKW and SSR were the only things available). That is fine with us really, OKW was the first DVC we stayed at, but I know my twin 6 year old DD’s would enjoy BCV and Stormalong Bay a lot more. Truth be know, daddy wouldn’t mind a couple more meals at Beaches and Cream either! We stayed there for a week this past May.

So I called member services back and requested waitlist for BCV. In your experience, have you been successful 50% of the time…less, more?

I’d really like to know…

Thanks and if any of you are going to MVMCP on Dec. 11th and happen to see a 4 foot tall Sleeping Beauty and Ariel wandering around dragging an aging 6’ 4" dad and 5’ 4" mom, that will be us…be sure to say hi!



Sorry you didn’t get what you wanted but hang in there, you have plenty of time before your trip.

Two years ago we waitlisted a studio for any resort for May/June and all that came through was SSR. We just booked a 2 bedroom at BCV for May/June again this year and didn’t have any problems calling day by day at 7 months out. The CM said there were plenty of rooms open at that time.


I think there are a lot of factors involved. Time of yr, size of villa, where you want to stay. This yr at the end of sept, we got a 2 br. BCV at the 7 month mark. In late Nov, we got a studio at the BWV and early Dec, a studio at BCV. Both were waitlisted and came thru 2 months or less before the trip. For April 08, we have a studio at AKV and then a studio at VWL. We got those at the 7 month mark. We are hoping for the BCV for part of the trip. So I guess we have been very lucky.


Over Oct and Nov my boss was on a waitlist for WLV which they requested back in July and it never came through. They ended up staying at SSR (their home resort). We also called several times looking for 2 studios anywhere else and could never get 2 to open up.

I have no other experience with a waitlist, although we just booked several studios at AKL villas for our June 2008 trip and got them. Actually at the time we booked there were 22 studios available on our 7 month booking window which actually surprised me!!!


We had to waitlist for our Labor Day weekend trip for VWL which is our home resort. I originally had booked OKW and waitlisted for VWL and a few weeks after being put on the list we were called that we got in.


Newbie here. The thread seems to give the impression that folks find SSR less than desirable compared to other resorts. Am I getting that right? Just wondering, because we’re booked into SSR in March.


I’ve haven’t been to SSR either, but I think some of the negitive thoughts come from what kind of trip you are looking for. Some DVCs are popular because of location, some because of point value, some because of decor. Our trip in April we are booked at AKV because pointwise it’s the lowest and we are staying over a weekend. Some people talk about stormalong bay at BCV as the best. I love that spot cause you can walk to Epcot, I dont’ care about the pool. The next time my son takes a trip, I plan to book him at SSR because it right across the way from DTD. He spend a great deal of time at Pleasure Island. Some people go on trips where the parks are second and relaxing at the hotel is first. My DSIL is like that. If the points were lower at SSR than AKV, I’d stay there in a flash. It all depends what you want out of a trip.


My DH and I own in SSR. So we also book our trips 11 months in advance @ SSR. and each trip we make sure to try and move to either BW, BC or WL. Most everytime we are put on the waitlist. and EVERYTIME we have been moved so far. We currently have a trip planned for Aug 2008 and have 3 rooms at SSR. We’ll see how lucky we get this year!!!


I don’t think that is the case at all. SSR is a gorgeous resort with a wonderful restaurant, quick boat ride to DDT, nice pool/hot tub, spa, etc. We loved it there when we went in 2005. The family I work for went last month and had bought sight unseen and they fell in LOVE with it too!

I think a lot of families (myself included) like to stay at different resorts for new experiences each trip. My home resort is OKW (and we love it!) but this time we are staying at AKL. We have also stayed at WLV, SSR. My sister and her family are trying BWV in March so they can try something new and have quick access to EPCoT.

I think you’ll enjoy SSR. Be sure to put in a request for an area called “The Springs” which is close to the main building, pool, restaurants and bus stop.


Welcome to Mousebuzz!:happy:

I wouldn’t worry about SSR if I were you - I’ve stayed at all the DVC resorts and each one has something different to offer. SSR is a beautiful resort - but I think the negatives people have about it is that it’s a bit further from the parks (but close to the Marketplace), it’s HUGE (a car is helpful at this resort) and it’s sort of “off the beaten path”. Personally, I like that. I like to get away from the craziness of the parks at the end of the day - but others like to be immersed 24 hours, so it’s a personal thing.

On the upside, SSR is brand new and the suites are beautiful. It has the best transportation I’ve ever experiences (in 30+ trips), the pool area is nice, there’s a spa and reports say that The Turf Club is a terrific restaurant (haven’t eaten there yet myself).

All the DVC properties are beautiful - we usually just take what’s available and are generally happy with whatever comes up. I have to admit that I’d LOVE to stay at the VWL again - but being the smallest property, it’s harder to come by. Our personal favourite is OKW, which is the oldest resort, but the suites are terrific! So don’t worry about SSR - I’m sure you’ll like it.


Thank you, everyone. That sure helps. I’m calling DVC today to see if we can score a spot in The Springs. I’m curious about the comment about needing a car because SSR is so big…was that tongue-in-cheek or were you quite serious? How many pairs of shoes will I wear out just getting from point A to point B at SSR? LOL.


No, it wasn’t really tongue in cheek - there is internal transportation - but if you’re put in say - The Carousel - it’s quite a hike to the main pool and lobby - which is located at The Springs, and having a car saves you waiting for the resort bus. It is walkable - but it’s a fairly long walk. The Springs is ideally located for the lobby, restaurant, store, spa and main pool. If you want to have the best view of the river and the fireworks at PI and be able to walk to the Marketplace in 5 minutes, then ask for Congress Park. You certainly don’t NEED a car, but if you drive, you’ll certainly be able to use it.


HAHA…I stayed in Carousel last December. I was REALLY disappointed at first, but after getting settled, I realized I loved our location! And they picked up from our bus stop FIRST every morning…and dropped off FIRST every night. That was GREAT!!! We did have a car, though…and we drove to the main building when we needed to.

That being said, I was waitlisted for VWL, BCV, BWV for that very trip…NONE came through. But I was happy at SSR, really!


I checked with DVC yesterday. They said they don’t know which part of the resort you’ll be staying in 'til you check in. Placement sounds like luck of the draw. I’m not too worried though, after all better to be at WDW than not at all! LOL


It is luck of the draw - but I’ve managed to whine my way into Congress Park (my favourite) twice now.:laugh:


They don’t do room assignments until 2 or 3 days ahead of your arrival. They still don’t guarantee anything until you check in. But you can request a specific area and they will try to honor your request in front of others that don’t have a specific request.


So here is my dilema…

We asked our family to go with us on a vacation this coming November/December. We really want to get a GV. I called our home resort SSR (which is my first choice due to decor, but it will cost us more points than OKW, and we are going to stay 4 days longer than the rest of the family, so we don’t want to use all of our points on the GV) late last week and they could only get us the GV for 3 days. We then had to go to two 1bdr units. I kept the resi for now, because staying at SSR is our backup plan. But when I was speaking to the castmember she said that OKW is also booked solid for a GV at the time we are going. I have to wait until May to book at OKW, I think I will need to be waitlisted.

What are your experiences with the waitlist when it comes to GV’s? I am nervous, I really want our whole family to stay in the same spot!


Whoo Hooo!

I was just checking for a mini-vacation end of this month…and saw that our waitlist came through! We got our two bedroom at BCV for 6/15 - 6/21! Man am I pumped. My twin DD’s will get to enjoy Stormalong Bay one more time. I can eat at Beaches and Cream. I hope Art is still working the lobby, you would be hard pressed to find a finer CM in all of WDW.

It doesn’t get much better than this…


Congratulations on getting what you wanted.

Art is still working at BC. I heard he was really sick most of the winter but he’s feeling better and just came back to work. He is a nice guy and he makes my day when he welcomes us.