Waitlist - Ugggghhhh!


So my 7 month window finally opens. Plan A…Wilderness Lodge, Plan B…Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo, Plan C…who knows? Never had to have a plan C as all the trips I have booked at the 7 month window, I have always gotten what I wanted, until today. I’m confused with the Waitlist for DVC as when I tried to book Wilderness Lodge this morning on line at 7am (when it opens up), the first night (12th) and the 3rd through 5th night were available, so I hit “Waitlist” for the only missing night (13th). It wouldn’t let me reserve all the other nights. It only gave me the option to Waitlist the entire week. Doesn’t make sense to me seeing the 12th was available, I should be able to grab the dates for the next 10 days. Not! Okay, so I still hit Waitlist and run to the car to catch a train (training in Chicago this week…don’t ask me how my new job is going :crying:) On a break, I figured I’d better get my backup. No problem, good old standby, AKV. Not!!! Not available. What? Have never come across that, which is making nervous how crowded is Disney going to be that week. So, booked OKW with Wilderness Waitlisted. Please send Pixie Dust, as Mom picked out Wilderness, and I so want to make her happy:wub:


I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. We have had mixed results when we have waitlisted, one time was a quick weekend at BCV in July that came through and the other was 5 nights at BCV last July that didn’t come through. I looked on line for months checking our dates but only a night or two opened up here and there but never all our nights at once.

I’m surprised that you didn’t have more choices, what’s going on while you’re there? Food and wine? I think that draws a large DVC group.


I feel for you Beth - it’s crummy when you’ve set your heart on being at a specific resort. I really wanted to be at Boardwalk this time - but same problem. We managed to get into Kidani, which is fine - I like it, but I know your disappointment. Fingers crossed that WL will come through.


Try calling and getting them to waitlist you just for one night. I am pretty sure they can do it manually because this is how we got our reservations when we rented DVC points - you just have to make separate reservations. We had (well, the person we rented from) to make three separate reservations - two separate reservations at SSR, and one reservation at OKW, waitlist SSR for the one night that SSR wasn’t available. We got that waitlisted night within a week and were able to merge our three reservations.


For the last several years we have been going in October and last year ran into November. The crowds have been much heavier the last 2 years. That is why we opted to move up to September. We used to go in September, but we changed to October because it was cooler. After last year, we decided we’d rather take the heat.

I think it is due to the F&W. I made sure to miss it with this year. When I booked at our 7 month window I was able to get Kidani and WLV, which was what we wanted. For the heck of it, I checked availability at the others I was surprised to find every resort was open for a studio.


Sending you pixie dust that your reservation comes through. But if I were you, I would book the available nights and just wait list the night that wasn’t available. Just a suggestion.


Thanks for the Pixie Dust! I did call to do that and she told me I couldn’t because I’m not at my 7 month mark yet because of the 13th not available even though I was requesting starting the 12th through 17th. I told her it didn’t make sense and she said the computer was right and that they have some smart programming set up with the scheduling system and she couldn’t do anything to override it. I had to get back to class seeing I was on a break so I couldn’t question what in the world she is talking about. Been getting home too late to be able to follow up with member services.


Beth - just to let you know…our “waitlisted” night came through already - just two days after requesting it. When the CM I talked to said “there won’t be a problem this far out” I guess she knew what she was talking about - I’m sure you’ll be able to get all your days!:happy:


Just wanted to wish you luck. We were waitlisted for one of our days and it came through within 2 days. We are now on the waitlist again to add 2 more days to our trip. The only night not yet available is Thursday, go figure.
I am confident that thinking positive will send pixie dust your way.