How often do wait lists come through? I was put on a wait list this morning for AKV and BWV for our trip in May.

I really am fine with staying at SSR but I thought i would try for a different resort that we have never been too.


I’ve been put on the waitlist three times. Two of them came through for me, the last one didn’t. It’s a gamble.


all the one’s i have ever been put on have come through. it all depends on how busy it is when you are going. just make sure you tell MS that you want them to automatically change your room - that way there is no delay if something becomes available. good luck…


It really depends on the time of year, what kind of room category, how far in advance you get on the list, etc. We waitlisted a week at BWVs one time for a stay in August. We had been on the list for about 6 months and it finally came through about 1 month before our trip.

On the other hand, when we went last October we had 5 DVC resorts waitlisted and NONE of them came through. :sad:

I can’t figure out any rhyme or reason, sometimes just the luck of the draw.

Good luck!


I’ve never had a waitlist come through!


I’ve never had a waitlist come through, either. It really depends what property and what season, though.