Wake up Tinkerbelle?


Where is Tinkerbelle’s Treasures and can you really wake Tinker Bell up?:huh:


Yes, you really can wake up Tinker Bell, we did it last summer.

There is a little shop right behind the castle a little to the left. You can’t miss it as you walk through the castle. My DS got to wake Tinker Bell up last summer and a few days later the daughter of some friends we met up with got to wake her. I didn’t tell my son about it until I knew he would get to do it, just in case we weren’t the first ones there.

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I remember those pictures of him–so cute!! :angel:



…YAY TINKER BELL!!! :wub: :heart: :heart: :wub:


Amanda, we need to find out what time Tink wakes up so we can be there, wouldn’t that be an “MAGICAL” birthday present.

Love ya – Mommy


Yeah!That’s right!:laugh:


Thanks! It really was a cool thing to do. I don’t think we’ll try it again this summer unless he asks to do it, I want another child and family who hasn’t done it before do it.


That must be sooo cute!!! What time do you have to get there to wake her??


I know WDW is big on giving out certificates and things like that, like when you “drive” the monorail. Do they give you anything like that when you wake Tink?


That is really sweet of you :wub: Did you go through the middle of the castle to get there the quickest? I remember in your TR something about being there for rope drop, but where?

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You have to get there as fast as you can after the park opens. The first child who asks is the only one who gets to wake her.


Yes, Nathan got a Magical Moments certificate when he woke her up.


We had an 8 am ADR at CRT so we were done and waiting in the walkway through the castle a few minutes before 9 when the park opened. We had a slight head start on the people who were at the front gate. We had to wait until they were almost to the castle before they moved the rope.

I think if I was coming from the front of the park that’s how I would get there, it’s just a few steps away once you pass through the castle.


Thank You DT! :happy: We have a ADR at O hana’s at 7:50 one morining, so that is what we will do and kept our fingers crossed :wink:


Good luck! It looks like you are going when it’s a little slower so you should have a chance. When we did it the second time a young girl came in after us and they let her do it but she didn’t get the magical Moments certificate.


I’ve never heard of this, although last time we went we got up early and got to go on the train and wave to everybody as they opened the park we got throw pixie Dust with mickey and even got to ride in and old fashion fire truck to get to the train. Unfortunately only 4 people could go. :crying: We had eight people. We still have Pixie dust and a picture of us.

Guidelines to getting to open the Park:

  1. Wake up really early before the park opens
    2.Dress your Family in all disney ( Shirts, Mickey ears, Goofy Hats, exct.)
    3 Take Monorail to Magic Kingdom
    4 Get there before other Families do
  2. Have something in common with the guy who gets to pick who will open the park ( Ours was pintrading. We wore our lanierds)
  3. WIN!


That sounds so cool! I have always wanted to be picked for that but we never get there early enough. Congratulations on being picked to open MK, that’s awesome!


Thanks Everybody!


My DD did this in Feb. 2004. She absolutely loved it. She was 3 1/2 at the time and it just made her day. She really believed it was Tinker Bell, she talked about all day and night. She received a Magical Moment certificate, stickers and a pen. The CM said she was excited to see a child truly believe for a change thus the extras.