Waking Sleeping Beauty DVD release Novemenber


Netflix says that it will be available November! I’m looking forward to this documentary and have had it saved in my que for a while. Here is the synopsis:

Walt Disney Studios veteran Don Hahn directs and produces this documentary that shines a light on Disney animation work during the 1970s, '80s and '90s – from the team’s humble beginnings at CalArts to the box office triumph of The Lion King. In exploring the works of that era, the film illuminates the careers of top animators of the time, including John Lasseter, Brad Bird, John Musker, Ron Clements and many others.

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The link should actually bring you to the Waking Sleep Beauty page, despite what it says.


The link brought me to a sign in screen. I’m interested to hear about this movie. Maybe I will try looking it up online.


Thanks for this information, Jen. I’m going to add this to my Netflix Queue.


You must have to be a member to see the actual page because when I click the link it works. Sorry about that:sad:


You bet! We can compare notes once we’ve seen it:happy:


God i cant WAIT for this to come out!!! Been dying to buy for ages now, so glad its finally getting released!