Wal-Mart nearest to WDW resort


Does anybody know were the closest Wal-Mart store is? also, how much would a taxi cost to get there from AKL?


The closets walmart to the AK lodge is on highway 27 in clermont, a taxi would not be cheap its proably 10 to 15 miles. I’m not sure what the current rates per mile are for a taxi but my guess would be around $40/each way plus tip.


I thought there was a big Wal Mart on 192 in Kissimmee, which would be a lot closer than Clermont. I could be thinking of Super Target though, but I’m pretty sure there was one of each on that stretch of road. There is also a Publix Supermarket there.


Yup there is a walmart where your thinking, but its not closer then the one in clermont. Keep in mind the orginal poster is asking about coming from the AKL and that resort is on the west end of disney property. Clermont is not very far the AKL, In fact I live in Clermont.

There is another walmart on state road 535 at the Ocesola Parkway but its the sae distance but you would have to pay a toll to go to this one. Like I said there the same distance.


Thanks for the info 15. I didn’t realize that Clermont would be closer than Kissimmee from AKL.

By the way, my friend lives in Minneola, is that near you 15?


We were frequent Walmart shoppers in the kissimmee one, but we had our own vehicle.


We go to Walmart EVERY trip! But we always have a car. We used to go to the one on 192, but the one on 535 is much closer…down the road a bit from my timeshare resort I usually stay at! :wink:


Would it be cheaper to hop the resort bus to DTD and then catch the taxi to the new Wal-mart on 535?


Yes, Kim is right. The new one on 535 is the closest. The one on 192 is SUCH a pain to get to: so much traffic!!!


Hey, that’s an idea! I wonder how much taxis are charging by the mile now, it’s been years since I don’t take one.


It’s about a mile and a half to Walmart on 535 from DTD. TOTALLY DOABLE!!!


coming from DTD you will be in traffic and won’t be paying by the mile but by time. It would still be cheaper though then a cab from the AK lodge to ethier walmart.


I never encountered ANY traffic on 535…nothing out of the ordinary, anyway! :wink:


But the stores are almost 9 miles away from the lodge versus DTD to the one on 535 which is approx 2 miles away. Do you think traffic will be heavy at around 10:00 am on a wednesday in October? (of course, an estimate). I must go to a Walm-Mart before I head home, no Wal-Marts down here!


10am is realtively safe, in oct.

535 is not the rough part its getting out of wdw to 535 then once south of I-4 its smooth sailing barring any accidents. 10am should be safe still.


Thanks for the info everyone! :wub:


Sorry I missed this comment, Minneola is about 25 to 30 mins north of me.


OH, gotcha!!! It’s getting out of Hotel Row and ONTO 535 you’re talking about!!! :wink:


Ok guys, so what do I do, leave from AKL or leave from DTD to the store in 535?


Do you want to save money or time?

If money take the disney transport bus to DTD and grab a cab there to the Walmart on 535.

If Time take a cab direct from the AKL to Walmart in Clermont.

One thing you need to do ethier way is get the cabby or dispatchers phone number you will proably have to call for a cab when your ready to go. It will proably take 5 mins or less to get a cab, but they don’t sit at Walmart.