Wal Marts


Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if this is were this should be posted or not. But we’ve decided to rent a car and need to know where there is a wal mart near disney? Does anyone know? We’re leaving first thing in the morning so any input would be great. Thanks in advance.


Where are you staying? On site? There is a wal-mart on 192. Have you been to wdw before are you familiar with the area?


We are not big fans of Wal Mart, but I won’t go in to that now. There is a Super Walmart on 192. It is about a fifteen minuted drive from DTD.


We don’t like wal-Mart either. Are there any Target’s around WDW? We like them better.


We use the Super Walmart on 192 also. The only bad part is there’s a lot of traffic congestion there. But we’re able to get everything we need there: water, food, sundries and even beer/wine.

It’s between mile markers 14 and 15


There is a Super Target in Orlando, but I don’t remember where.


Yeah…I have seen a super target I think on the outskirts…and a walmart on the outskirts of town too!


Yes, it is always busy there, but you sure can get anything you could possibly need!


There is a Super Target across the road from Mall A Mellina (which is about 10 miles north of WDW on I-4 – I’ll post directions later if intrested)


Please post directions to the Target. Too much money already going to the evil empire.


I will even though I have a nice evil empire holding and none in target :mickey:


There is a target open now right before you get to walmart, on the left side of the road.


Chris, we’re staying on site at Pop Century. Should arrive about 2 pm tomorrow after noon. I’ve been to disney many times but only as a child and teenager. So I’m not really fimiliar with the area. Hope it’s not to hard to find. I guess the store don’t really have to wal mart, just somewhere we can get stuff we need. Thanks for all the info guys.


When you leave PC take a left, then at the next stop light take a left. Go two stop lights and you should be at Gaylord Palms ( i think ) Take a right and Publix is on your left. If you want to go to walmart take another left at the stop light. It is a few miles up on your right. Next to Medieval times. HTH


Seem like that target is closer then the one at Mall at Mellinia.

The Mall at Mellinia is a pretty nice mall and there is a super Target across Conroy Rd from it. To get the Mall at Mellinia take I-4 north from WDW get off at the Conroy Rd exit and turn right at the light then right again at the second light.


I’m not real familiar with that area. Does someone have a map that shows how to get to the Target off of Conroy Rd.?


It is really easy the Target is right across Conroy from the Mall at Millenia.

Here is a link to a map:




Thanks…that is perfect :mickey:


I went to that Super Target in March–
i have never seen one before…MAN…it was the BIGGEST Target I have ever seen…they had 40…you said it…40…registers!


So I assume the Super Target has groceries and beer/wine as well. Is that correct? This sounds much easier to stop on the way from the airport to WDW than the one on 192.