Walk walk swim swim ..A view from a 2 yr old


We just got back. Sorry to say, hardly any pictures. Spent lots of time with two yr old and stopping for pictures didn’t always work.

I’ll start writing tomorrow. We had a 6:15 flight. Was suppose to land at 8:45 PM, but didn’t get ONTO plane until after 9. Had issues and didn’t land until 12:30 AM. So tired.


Welcome back! Can’t wait to hear all the details!


Give a 2 yr old long hallways and a pool and he is happy.

The end.

What you expected more? He is only two, how much can he write??? Alright, I’ll throw in a few comments from a grandma point of view.

DH and I went down on May 4. Got to the airport about 5 am. Dropped off bags, headed toward security, we were told to go into that line. The pre check (or something like that) line. We didn’t need to take off shoes, or take the usual stuff out of bags. Ok, we can handle that. So far so good.

Flights leaves and lands on time. Finds ME, use MB to check in instead of fishing out booklet. Nice. We board right onto a bus and it leaves within mins. So far, great trip.

Check in BLT, but room is not ready. Of course, it’s only about 10:30 in the morning, but we could hope. So we decide let’s wait a bit. And a bit more. Maybe just a little more. Ok, enough waiting, let’s head over to MK. I love being able to walk over to MK.

MK seemed mobbed. After we used two of our FP, we got a text that our room is ready. Since the 3rd FP wasn’t for over an hour, so we decided to forget it and head back to hotel. Got to our room. After a bit, I realized I could change that last FP+, which I did for hours later.

We had a dinner ADR at Trails End. Our plan was to eat dinner, take nap, go to MK about10 ish or so. MK had EMH until 2 AM. So that’s what we did. Had dinner, food was good, (I was disappointed I couldn’t eat more),then took the boat from FW to Contemporary. We had a nap, and headed back into MK about 10:30, after I watched wishes from the roof at BLT. Our FP was for buzz, so we used it, then went on 7 rides over the next 2 hrs. We headed back to the room around 1 AM. A good first day.


Yeah! Hope you had a great trip!


Looks like Grandma and Grandpa are off to a great start!


Day 2

Still just DH and I. We headed back to MK, went toward pirates and jungle cruise. Ate an early lunch at Peco’s Bill. Had the taco bowl which looks pretty depressing when you get it, but it’s great once you add all the stuff from the fixings bar. We then used our FP+ for splash and runaway railroad. Headed toward haunted mansion and then fantasy land. We had tried for a online FP+ for be our guest and it worked. We only got coffee and dessert. It was a nice break, but we were not wowed over the desserts. We then used our third FP+, but I forget what is was for. We didn’t try for a four FP+ because the kiosks all seemed mobbed. The one time we saw them empty, all FP+ was gone. We headed out about 5 ish. I think we then just went on the boats that travel from resort to resort. Yeah, we’re odd, but we like the boat ride.
Day 3

DGS is coming. Whoo hoo. We saw him a few days prior, but for some reason I’m excited to see him. But first, breakfast at The Wave. We had the buffet. Love, love,love the sweet potato pancakes. We enjoyed it very much.

Due to poor planning, I had our WEGOSHOP order delivered at the same time DS and family was arriving. For some reason, I thought I had allowed enough time in between. DS room was ready, which was good. We could divide the order up right away. Between the food order, delivery, tip for wegoshop and tip for bell service, the total was about 210. This was for 2 cases of water, 8 big bottles of soda, 2 6-packs of soda , a 12 pack of soda, assorted 1/2 gal cartons of juices and milk, several packs of yogurt, some little packs of cups of fruit, some fresh fruit and 8 packs of frozen breakfast sandwiches. Plus a few other things I don’t remember. Our shopper announced “don’t go to my store if you need breakfast sandwiches, I took every package”. We also got hoagies. Amy had asked what do you want on they hoagies? I said we could just take off the onions or whatever. Well, she said she would get the fixing on the side. We got four plain turkey hoagies, with four bags of salad almost. We could just put on what we wanted. My DH ended up putting the extra in a bowl and eating like a salad. We were very happy with the service.

After eating, we headed out to MK. DS and DDIL took DGS to see Mickey. He wasn’t fond of him. Not crying, but not happy. Then onto some other rides. Don’t believe we stayed too long. It was a long day for them with a 7 am flight.


Sounds like a great start! How was Trail’s end? I have never been.


We really like it. It’s cheap, about $22 or so for dinner. We thought it was an improvement over a year ago. After saying all that, we only eat there when we are staying at BLT. It’s a short walk from the boat dock and easy to get back to our resort. Not sure we would go thru the hoops if we had to travel from resort to park to resort.


Dana, just to elaborate with Trails End, we absolutely LOVE the breakfast and dinner. Least expensive buffet with good, hardy food. But, for lunch, its menu rather than buffet, and much more southern type food. Still good, but like dinner better.


So nice to be reading trip reports again! LOVE, love, love BLT!


My DS’s room could see most of the fireworks from MK. The two yr old learned a new word…fireworks.


Day 4

AK. We got to AK about 10 ish. Went to Kali river rapids. Since I wasn’t going, I had the DGS and all the phones. I said I’d meet them at the entrance where they left me. My DH thought I was meeting them at the entrance at NEMO, because that was the next stop. I’m waiting and waiting and waiting. I had no idea how long the ride was, if there was a ride issue, or whatever, so I had no idea what the right amount of time was. After I’d say at least 45 mins. I get a call. They had been waiting at Nemo. My DS borrow a phone from someone to call me. Remember I had all the phones. So I rush over to Nemo, we missed it by thaaaaattttt much.

Ok, Let’'s eat instead. We went to a CS in Dinoland. I have no idea what’s it’s called, but you get the idea. There was a CM directing getting into a line for food, but no one directing once you had food. So we ended up wandering around with a tray of food looking for a table. And saw several people sitting holding tables. So we ate and back to Nemo. My DGS wasn’t thrilled with the talking parts, but loved the music.

After Nemo, we headed to Everest. Again I had DGS but we made sure we ALL understood where I would be waiting. Then onto the safari ride. I think every giraffe on the east coast was out on the safari that day. We must have seen a dozen or so. Actually quite a number of animal for mid afternoon. We had wanted to go on the animal tours, but we needed to get back for our ADR at Ohana.

Ohana, yes, the grilled chicken is gone. They had lettuce wraps which was a bunch of lettuce leaves and some stuff (looked like veggies) on the side. You would make the wraps yourself at the table. No body used the lettuce, just picked thru the veggies. We had a table of 5 adults and the toddler. They gave us a plate of about 7 or 8 pot sticker and the same amount of chicken wings. We couldn’t believe they gave us so few. We, of course, asked for more, the second serving was bigger than the first. Also about a lb of noodles and good amount of veggies. The pork was good, which surprised me as I usually found it to be dry. Steak was good and I don’t eat shrimp. Dessert, again I think was for the wrong table. We asked for just a bowl of ice cream in addition to what we had and then did ask for a second serving of the bread pudding. Coffee was awful. Service was so so. We never got the hot towels. We saw other tables get them, so it wasn’t something that had stopped. I think Ohana may be off our list for the next trip or two.

After Ohana we went back to BLT for swimming.


I forgot to add on the flight down, there was a toddler that was so tired but he was beside himself. Just rolling all over the place in his father’s arms crying his head off (toddler crying, not dad). We caught his eye and started playing peek a boo. Over and over and over again. It took about 20 mins, but it was a quiet 20 mins and then he fell asleep. The father thanked us several times over. Nice when something so simple can mean so much.


Day 5

Early EMH at MK. We did mostly fantasyland for the 2 yr old’s sake. We did do a few big rides with kid swap and we split up using FP to the best advantage concerning the DGS. Some rides were just mom, some just dad, some grandma and grandpa, so it ended up DGS went on about 8 rides. Plus a few turns on the people mover and life is complete. Meals that day were all CS, but I don’t remember where or what. I believe we left with DGS and let DS and DDIL have a few hours to themselves. I’m sure once we got to BLT, swimming was involved. My DS said one night DGS woke during the night and said “walk, walk, swim, swim”. He loved those pools.

Day 6

DS and DDIL went to a water park, while we kept DGS. We headed over to MK again, going on kids rides. About noon, we walked back to Contemporary and caught a bus to the waterpark. The sign on the bus said “animal kingdom and the waterpark”. I forget which waterpark. So we are riding and riding. We see the waterpark in the distance…and then we see the waterpark going by…then we end up at AK. And the bus driver pulls into a spot for CBR. Huh? We ask the driver what happen? He told us after noon the schedule changes and he doesn’t go to the water park. What??? The bus sign said AK and waterpark. He told us we had to get off and go on another bus to get there. The next bus was changing drivers, so we had to wait another 10 mins or so before it left. It took us well over an hour to finally get there. Grrrr.

So once we arrived at water park, we left DGS with his parents. DH and I headed back to resort. Since we were moving the next day, we stayed in, eating , packing and watching DVDs.


Awesome first day… Kuddos on the “peek-a-boo” plane situation !!! More Please !!!


Day 7 Moving Day.

We are leaving BLT and going BCV. To make things easy, we put all the luggage and groceries together and make one call to bell services. They ask how many bags. I tell them 20 but about 1/3 are grocery bags. So who shows up. One guy, one cart. No way, no how is everything going to fit on one cart. So he takes the bulk of the luggage and then comes back for the rest. OK, say good bye BLT. Walk over to MK and catch bus to BCV. We get there about 10, just in time for our breakfast ADR. But there is a short wait. Can we check into the resort? Sure, go ahead we were told, so we did. Our room was ready, DS’s wasn’t but that’s ok.

We go to breakfast at Cape May. Can we say YUM ? We had avoided Cape May for many years thinking it just extra money for a few pictures. But it was soooo good. French toast with caramelized bananas. Eggs that were nice and creamy. Lots of fresh fruit. Strawberry sauce stuff. Real whipped cream. I put both on top of cheese danish. Please can I go back now?

Only down side, DGS wasn’t too happy with the characters. He like Minnie the best. I think because she was the smallest. Our server , Dorothy, was the best. Very much grandma mode. Need more juice, how about more coffee…

After being filled to the brim and beyond, we found our room. On the second floor. At BLT, it was also the second floor, so DGS was already trained for the 2 button. After sitting around a bit, we checked out the pool for a bit and then headed to EPCOT. Our first ride was journey into imagination. 30 min wait. We thought it had to be wrong but nope, 30 mins. During the wait, DGS starts to reach for the lady’s hair in front of us. He often holds onto his mom’s hair. We put him down and he goes to hold onto her leg. We tell him “momma is back there”. The little guy looked left , then right, then left , then right. Just couldn’t understand how his mom could be in both places at once.

We then went on a few more rides but nothing too much. And then headed back. Love being able to walk to resort. Called for luggage. DS’s room was RIGHT across the hallway. Step out of our door, cross over and there you are. That was so convenient for getting extra diapers or milk or who has the stroller, whatever. But alas, from our room you could see a couple of fire works, but nothing like it was at DS’s room at BLT.


Day 8 Mother’s Day

We went to DHS. A CM was handing out a single carnation to all the women wishing them a happy mother’s day. Nice touch.

DS, DDIL and DH went on a few big rides. DGS and I went to little mermaid and toy story. The plan was after tower of terror, DH was going to come to toy story to use his FP to take DGS. DGS and I waited for about 1/2 hr checking out birds and leaves and rabbits with really long tails (squirrels) . Now time was getting short, very short. Waited, called, waited. There was a delay at Tower. DH gave MB to DS thinking he could move faster. We get into a long FP line, thinking he would be there any second. We did this three times. Poor little boy was so patience . Get call from DS, he made a wrong turn. It is now getting too late for FP (even with grace period). I’m still hoping. I see my DH. He gets to toy story before DS does. DS shows ups a min later. I’m almost in tears, just because I feel bad for DGS waiting in lines for nothing. l said try the MB. It turned blue. But a CM whom I asked about the grace period, comes by and tells the FP CM to allow DH in. I said thank you. And then she says, “aren’t you going in”? I said "I don’t have a FP. Click click, now you do. I said thank you several times before running in with DH and DGS. Yea, grandma is happy.


So we ate lunch and headed back to resort. DS and DDIL head out to disney quest and dinner. We took DGS to pool. We’d thought he loved the sandy beach, but he seemed awful quiet. After a while, I am sitting with him and the biggest burp in the world comes out of him. Well, excuse me. But still nothing seems wrong, just quiet. We are thinking all this running around is catching up with him. We wrap him in towels and start to carry him back to hotel.

Part way there, he throws up a bit. More like baby spit up. ok, we are still walking. As we are going by (anyone eating dinner right now???) Cape May on the side by the bathrooms, he throws up two or three times. All over me, all over the floor, all over the towels he was wrapped in. I say about 4 ft from where people are eating dinner. I used his sand bucket as a “don’t walk here” marker. DH went to get some help. Housekeeping guy came and he didn’t speak much english. He kept saying “you sick, want me to call”? We were afraid he meant 911, so we said no several times. We just wanted some clean towels for DGS and that no one slips on the floor. So DH got some clean towels, the CM takes the old towels and takes care of the floor. We keep walking toward our room. We get to the elevator and one guest says “a big boy like that can walk”. We replied “yes, but he just threw up”. Oh, well, never mind. We waited for the next elevator and as we get in, a family comes along. The mom says “Can we fit in too”. I said “yes, but you might want to wait, he just threw up”. She said, “we’ll wait and thank you”.

When we got back to the room, we got him changed. Then me. I scrubbed down my arms and then sprayed them with sanitzer. Never got sick and neither did his parents. We think what happened was at lunch he ate some of his mom’s sloppy joe, a new food for him, and it just didn’t agree with him. A mother’s day to remember.


I am blown away that people think their opinions are important to blurt out. Honestly, how could that woman tell you to let your child walk. I’m thinking her poor kids probably never get a snuggle from that woman.


The days are now starting to blur together, so let’s just wrap this up. Plus my 4 year old DGD is coming for a week, so I’ll hardly have time to finish.

Monday was another waterpark day for DS and DDIL. That evening we had an ADR at Cape May for dinner. DGS was not a sweetheart. He only wanted his momma. We tried switching off, but it just wanted momma. So DS ate quickly and left with DGS to get him changed for swimming. After about about 15 min, DS calls asking if DDIL is done eating yet. DGS is running around their room naked yelling help help. Guess DS had a bit of trouble changing him. So the meal was not enjoyed with all the rushing. Food was ok, service was lacking.

Tues, I’m not sure what we did, but we did go into parks.

Wed, Our AP was no longer active, so we were just hanging around the resort. We did go to Captain’s Grill for breakfast. It was good, but Cape May breakfast was great. We had planned on going to WELCOME HOME WEDNESDAY with DVC, but about 2 it started raining cats and dogs so we ditched that idea. Later for dinner we got a pizza. DS’s crew did go to park and swimming.

Thur, Going home. Everything went well at the resort at far as checking out. And spent the last few hours swimming. Got the ME bus at 3. By the time we got to the airport, our flight was delayed 20 mins. It then started raining and raining. Long story short. Our 6:15 flight left about 9. We taxied and taxied for a long time. Turns out some indicator was funny and the pilot felt we may need more fuel. Ok, more fuel, that’s a good reason to go back. So we get to the gate, and sit and get water and peanuts and end up finally taking off about 10:15.

During all this plane stuff, we had a seatmate from crazy town. The plane was full of cranky tired kids. Crying, fussing, noisy. The women next to me kept turning around saying OMG (among other works not printable) why don’t those kids shut up. Holding her head in her hands, calling someone on the phone complaining about everything. Opening and slamming the window screen. At one point she stop complaining only because she fell asleep and was snoring to beat the band. After two hours of joy with her, the second the plane lands she jumps up like that’s going to help the hundred people in the front of the move faster. She kept bumping into me, again like that is going to help clear a path for her.

After we get off, the crew is off loading about 20 strollers. The SW guy says “pick a stroller, any stroller”, as a joke of course.

One good thing about landing so late, there was no traffic at 1 AM.

So that is our DGS first disney trip. I’m sure he enjoyed it. He loved the swimming, loved running down hallways, loved having grandma and grandpa for hours every day. Did he need disney to do those things, probably not. But his parents also loved the swimming, the rides, the meals and having grandma and grandpa having DGS for several hrs almost everyday. I don’t think they will be able to do disney again for a several years, so we wanted them to have fun beyond it’s a small world 47 times.

Just a last note…FP+, missed feelings. It’s nice not having to run to park to get FP, but not as easy to switch times or rides as they make it sound. Also traveling with last min groups, it’s hard to plan.