Walkie talkies


Okay, another strange question as we do our last minute packing/preparations. Does anyone have any experience with walkie talkies at the parks? We are a cell phone-less family but have pretty decent quality walkie talkies. Our question is, are there so many other people using them that it’s hard to find a channel that’s not busy?
Thanks. Again.

This probably isn’t the last you’ve heard from me. You all are probably wishing that we leave, oh, say, yesterday? :rolleyes:


I have no experience with the walkie talkies. I just remember from reading on here that they work out if you have really good ones. I remember seeing more cell phones than walkies when then in January, so it may not be that much of an issue anymore. I also stopped in this thread to tell you to have a great trip. Kiss mickey for me please. :mickey:


Thanks. Consider it done. :mickey:
By with way, DS loves DC Bear. He sleeps with him and watches TV with him. They’ve become best buds! :biggrin:


I am so happy that they are friends. I hope him and DC have a great trip. :flowers:


:ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: Didnt know that there were any of those left anymore. :wacko: I agree that cell phones are more the thing to have with you these days, so you should have no problem with walkie talkies. Enjoy your trip!


We are a walkie-talkie family at the parks. You need good ones though - ones with lots of channels. We have those and have never had any problems using them.


We’ve used both types of radios, the 2-mile radius 14 channel and the 5-mile 23 channel w/subchannels. The 14 channel ones were OK, if you were in pretty close proxcimity…but with all the dips and interference if you are too far away from your party, you won’t reach them. We had great success with the 5-milers (which I think still require a license to use) if you stay on the upper channels, but this trip we’ll have the Nextel radios so we won’t depend on them as much. Each family of our party (there’s 5 families w/a total of 24 of us going) will probably carry a single radio so we can meet up at different times.


Last time we checked, you did still need a license.


I just got my cell phone…reluctantly right before my last trip in January. It amazes me how fast I got “hooked” on the darn thing. :whistling


Smee, have a really fun filled trip. We’ll miss you…


When my little brother got a go-kart for Christmas a few years back, I bought him some nice walkie talkies for when he goes out, in case something happens. (My parents have a large yard, with some large empty fields and woods behind it. And just for the record, it’s not some rinky-dink go-kart - it’s got rollbars, brakes, headlights, brake lights, horn, etc. My dad even installed blinkers and is working on reverse lights.) It was all fine until I was playing with them with a friend, and some random guy began yelling and cursing at us and then used a number of racial slurs for no reason. We know it was someone within about a 20 or so block radius, but never found out who.
I don’t know if there’s anyone within range of the parks to intercept the channels or signals. But I just thought I’d put out a heads up in case your kids end up hearing something.


smee, I don’t think we’ve ever used walkie talkies, since our cheap ones barely even work 5 steps apart when we’re playing with them at home. :laugh: I just wanted to say that I hope you have a GREAT trip!! Enjoy the one-day-left excitement!!! :slight_smile:


Smee, we use walkie talkies on our trips as our cell phones are Uk based and costs loads to use in the US! We have never had a problem with them and we have had them for the last 3 trips! They are great I wouldn’t go without them anymore.
Have a great trip. We will be waiting for the Trip report :biggrin:


I have found that they don’t work, and that cell phones work better.


We also rely on our Nextel phone/radios so I don’t know…but I did want to tell you have a great trip!!! :mickey:


DH and I were just talking about this today- whether to buy walkie talkies or use our cell phones. Since we each have a phone under the same plan with unlimited in-network minutes, I think we’ll just use them. Question- when you’re entering an attraction do they check? Do you have to turn them off, or can you just put it on vibrate? We’re basically just going to use them if I’m with 5yo DS at say, ToonTown, and my DH takes 12yoDS to a big ride. Is the reception good at the parks? And do you need to check with your carrier to make sure you’re not in a roaming area? (BTW we have Verizon.) If there are roaming charges, then I would definitely go for the walkie talkies.


Thanks!!! I’ll miss all of you, too! :flowers:

And thanks for all of the input on walkie talkies, everyone!!


Last time I went I used my Sprint Cell and it worked out great. There are a couple of places that don’t have signal, but it was only for a second or two and since I have free roaming, the areas that did have roaming where no prob. I only got roaming about 2 times. Have fun!!! :happy:


We took quality ones last trip. We were dissappointed with the results, and didn’t use them after day 1.


We always use our radios for the kids. It allows them to go off in their own direction while checking in at frequent intervals. We found them to be quite helpful. Depending on the signal. we’ve even used them between the park and the hotel. Just agree on two alternative stations should someone else get on yours.

We do have cell phones with us too, and keep them “just in case”. But it’s easier to use the walkie talkies and there’s no roaming charges.