Walking suggestions?


I looked through the posts on walking and see you can about walk roughly 13 miles at any park in a day. I was wondering how do you keep your feet comfortable while walking through the different parks. Plan on taking afternoon breaks but still be putting a lot of miles before break and after break. Want to have a happy wife and kids so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Well there are different things to suggest, but let’s start with the obvious. Make sure you have comfortable shoes. Also take an extra pair of socks. Changing socks half way through the day can make a big difference for DW and I. Take several sitting breaks throughout the day.


I agree with Captgoodguy; comfortable shoes are a must. I always take a pair of really good walking shoes and a really nice pair of sandals (Teva or Merrill are great brands).


Yes, we definitely average 12-14 miles per day. I know a lot of people mention good sandals, but when I’ve worn mine, no matter how much suntan lotion I put on, I still seem to get sunburn on the top of my feet from the hot, Florida sun reflecting off the pavement. What works best for me is dry-wick socks (pulls the moisture away from the feet) and gym shoes made for walking (nice and light in weight). Also, I always keep bandaids with me just in case a blister decides to visit!


I agree with good shoes and socks. I’ve tried flip flops but they just don’t work for me even though I live in them from May until October. I need the support of a good running shoe if I’m going to walk 10+ miles a day. I take two pairs of good tennis shoes and try to switch every afternoon after our break in the afternoon.


As others have said, good shoes are a must. Wear a good pair of broken in sneakers (I alternate shoes every day). Take frequent short rest breaks. Stay well hydrated also.


Personally I hire a sherpa that carries me around on his back. It really keeps my feet feeling fresh.

I don’t want to do this but Disney will not allow me to ride my ostrich around the park. Oscar is very nice and loves children. Lovely bird.


We just got back about a week ago and I realized something. While I had a brand new pair of tennis shoes and a broken in pair, the new shoes were much better. So make sure the broken in pair isn’t too old. That could work against you as well.


That’s very true. It has to be a broken in but not broken down pair.


I wear Croc or Dogs slides and flip flops.