Wall-E attraction


Well I just saw the movie last night and loved it! I think it will def make it to one of the parks as an attraction. The save the planet theme would be great. I see a Wall-E attraction hitting Epcot! So, what do you all think? Where will Wall-E call home? I read in the Unofficial Guide that Wall-E himself will be making appearances in MK this year.


That would be great . . . he’s adorable!!

I read that he is touring a lot this year, but should be in Orlando by the end of the year!


Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin came out 3 years after the movie. Who knows how long this one will take. Then again Toy Story Midway Mania took 13 years, so, it could be awhile.


I argee it could be a long while…
But I think he would find home in Epcot for sure.


I know they created a real-life Wall-E that apparantly will be roaming California Adventure at some point this summer. I personally think they are going to announce a refurb of WDW’s Space Mountain and “enhance” the attraction with Wall-E. Like they ‘enhanced’ PotC with Pirates the movie, etc. I have no idea why I think that, just popped into my head. :laugh:


Hopefully Wall-E replaces Stitch. I love the movie, can’t stand the ride. YUCK.


I really want to see the movie! This lil guy is so cute! Bring on a ride or something, anything with him in!


It’s true he is on his way here to meet and greet at the Hollywood Studios. Hope he stays for a while. I’m dying to mee him myself.


OooOO, GREAT IDEA Amanda!!! Good thinkin’! :happy:


Oh, what a great idea…let’s put Wall-E in the stitch’s great escape pavilion! That is the one ride at DW that I absolutely will not do again. I don’t even know anyone who likes it. I can’t believe Disney has yet to change it. I just thought with the educational possibilities that wall-e would be great in Epcot.


I like it. It’s cute.:happy:


I have to agree. We did it once and it was such a disappointment! Whenever we walk by and see the crowds of people waiting to get in, I always shake my head and say . . . I wonder how many of them will actually like it when they are done?

It’s a bummer, cuz the movies are so cute . . . but that attraction, blah!

Wall e would be great! I hope I’m there when he is for a meet and greet. He’s so cute! :heart:


ok, sorry Rowdy. I guess some people really like it. I love stitch just not his attraction.


Oh a meet and greet with the little guy would be fantastic. We have not seen the movie as yet but can’t wait for it. He is just too cute! My DD has the talking soft toys and she adores them. Not to mention the fact that she is always on the website, laughing at the clips! Esp the headphones one! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


It stinks because I’m such a big fan of Lilo and Stitch but everytime I venture in to see it I regret it, I almost threw up this year. Thank god Mike Wazoski saved me :smiley:


somehow i can see Wall-e doing a ‘star tours’ ride at MGM studios. It seems appropriate


My vote goes for Wall-E in Tomorrowland!!! Cause sadly, even Buzz Lightyear’s prescence doesn’t make Tomorrowland very thrilling for me, and I worked there. :laugh:


I saw him on Live with Regis and Kelly. He’s so cute! My littlest :heart: WallE.


MAN, how did I miss that? :sad: Someone needs to call me when these things happen. :laugh: Maybe I can look for it on “You Tube”


I saw it too. I have been looking for a clip of it to post here. He was the cutest little guy. Loved the movie. I know there’s room for him somewhere in Innoventions or maybe in Tomorrowland somewhere. Can’t wait for the day.