This is REALLY cute!!

ENJOY! :happy:

WALL•E : Official Site


Thanks for that.
I can’t wait to show my DS. He is so fired up for this movie!


Oh boy, I can’t wait to show it my youngest! Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:


My two are super fired up too . . . we can’t wait!! :wub:

We bought wall e toothpaste at Target today!



My son already has a Wall-e t shirt!
And I had to take the movie premmier date off from work so we can get to the first show.


so cute looks like it will be a great movie and another hit!!!


My kids are looking at it right now. They are soooo excited.


We can’t wait either, it looks so cute.


I got this email: Walt Disney Pictures & PIXAR present WALL•E

It says if you see the movie opening weekend you can get a free childs Wall-e watch! :wub:

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