"Wall-E" DVD at Target: GET A TREE!


If you haven’t bought “Wall-E” yet on DVD, go to Target and attached is an exclusive deal with Target where you can get a live tree!!! I’m serious. I just signed up for mine. The sticker gives you a website to go to, you type in your code and info and in 6 to 8 weeks, you will actually get a tree. They give you directions on how to take care of it once you get it. I just printed mine out. I thought I’d share this with you guys since it is so cool to actually be getting a tree. I’ll let you guys know when it comes.


What sort of tree? I’m confused?!


Here’s a little article about it:
WALL-E and Target are for the Trees - Green Daily

you basically get a tree seedling & instructions on how to care for it. :heart:


How CUTE is that??!! :wub:

…Can I plant it in a boot? :tongue:


Awe! I am serious…Wall-E is the cutest Disney movie ever. I asked for it for Christmas so hopefully I can get my tree then.


I havent bought it yet but I wont go to our Target- that was where the whole DCF incident happened- I will never go there again.


I think I missed soemthing, what is DCF? :huh:


[QUOTE=PrincessJill;909162]How CUTE is that??!! :wub:

…Can I plant it in a boot? :tongue:[/QUOTE]

AWWWW, I would TOTALLY plant it in a boot. :heart: I love Wall-E! I hope I get it for Christmas 'cause I totally want to sign up for a plant also.


Well, I already got it. I hope to see pics of the trees as they start arriving. That is a really great idea.


two years ago when I ran Parker in to potty train and left My almost teen with Drake in the car and someone called the cops-:angry:
It was one of the worst days of my life so I will never shop there again! The cop tried saying that she was there for 20 min before I came out of the store but in truth the Target cameras had me pulling into the parking lot 15 min before she arrived and in that time I had to find a space, decide what to do and then run two of the 4 kids into the store because Em had to go to the bathroom too… I will NEVER go there again!


It might be a VERY small tree.


i got my tree the other day. it is a small tree. I have to get dirt and a pot for it tomorrow. then i’ll take pics of it to show you guys. i didn’t expect it to come so soon! i posted about this what, about two weeks ago or so and now i have a tree!!