"Wall E" Number 1 at Box Office!


Disney and Pixar has done it again!! They claimed the Number 1 Box Office Spot for “Wall E”, bringing in $62,500,000 this weekend!! Congratulations Disney and Pixar for another job well done!!! We’re so proud!


Wow…funny, that movie’s previews does nothing for me. Maybe I need to go and see this one.


It’s cute… but I am surprised at that.


YAY for Wall e . . . you are so cute! :heart:


Disney / Pixar in a great combo!


That’s awesome, I absolutely loved it. The movie had more heart than just about any movie I’ve seen in the past 5 years. Not to mention the producer’s ability to express such huge emotion with no ‘words’ was amazing. I think it may have been my favorite Pixar movie thus far.