Wall-e snowglobe for your PC


I won this virtual snowglobe from the Disney site this am.

I’d love to share . . . pm me with an email address and if you are mac or pc and I’ll email the file to you!

I’ve attached a screen capture, when you click on it it shakes and all the little bolts fly around . . . very cute!! :happy:

My DDs and I can’t wait for the movie AND go to the meet and greets at the park!


Awww, that is super cute! I can’t wait for the movie either! :slight_smile:


You won it? That is so cool!


How did you win it?


I posted this a little while back:


Everyday you can enter to win and when you do they give you a prize which is a downloadable image . . . I have a Hannah Montana clock, Kim Possible calculator, Wall-E snowglobe, castle snowglobe, incredibles snowglobe . . . they are like widgets (there’s that word again! :laugh: ) on your desktop!!


A post on mousebuzz that I missed! I thought I had read everything here while I was off the last couple weeks. Thanks for the info.


Just won the wall-e snowglobe as well.


Must be the PRIZE OF THE DAY!!! It’s cute isn’t it?


Really cute- well done.


cool just got my widget looks real cute


Try again tomorrow . . . not only are you entered to WIN, but you get a cute little download! :happy:


TODAYS PRIZE was a princess clock for your desktop!!

And the site shows the first “official” winner . . . FUN!!