Wall-e / where is he at the parks? if at all


was hoping wall-e was still around and wondering if he has a meet and greet somewhere?


Unfortunately he has been gone since 2009. Sorry. :crying:


I’m still making my case to some of the higher-ups for part of Tomorrowland to be “taken over” by Buy-N-Large.


I wonder if in the future, Buy-N-Large will merge with MegaLow Mart.
Don’t know what they’d call it. It’s not as easy as if they merged FedEx and UPS and called it FedUPS:laugh:


Yeah thats what I thought - gone - oh well thanks.


Awww no! I’d love to meet him & Eva! :glare:


I could have sworn they had a cute out of him in the Art of Animation at HS, near the area where you go and learn to draw a character. I know it’s not ‘him’ but it still made for a cute picture!


Oh yeah! We did get a picture with him in 2008 in that place! (the cut out) :laugh:
Dunno if he’s still there!! Hope so! :happy:


Yes they do have the cut out there. we have a picture with “him”!