Wall*E trivia


I’m embarrassed to say I missed almost all of these but here’s some interesting Wall*E trivia. Now I want to go see it again this weekend and look for these things.

WALL-E Easter Eggs | /Film


Fun! I didn’t notice any of these except the ipod, haha. Oh well, just a good excuse to see it again! (…and again, and again, and to buy it…:happy: )


I remember the truck and the voice of John Ratzenberger but other then that I got nothing . . . oh, the start up on Wall e . . . I recognized, since I use a MAC, but didn’t know the connection!

Thanks for posting . . . interesting stuff . . . again the attention to details, and animation just ROCKED in the movie . . . it’s worth seeing it just for that.

Plus, Wall e is a CUTIE!! :wub:


Thanks for the link.
I think we have to go again this weekend too!


Hee,hee, thanks for the link DT. We always listen for John Ratzenberger. I missed quite a few of those as well. Looks like we need to go see it again. :slight_smile:


Rlander & I caught several of these references. It is pretty much known that they hide clever little items in the films… However, I did not know they were called Easter Eggs… cute.


So awesome, I only caught one or two of those! I can’t wait to watch it again just to try and catch some of these things.


That was fun! Thx.


You know, when I sat down in the movie theater to see the movie I made a conscious effort to be paying attention for these “hidden” treasures. I didn’t spot any of them!!:laugh: When it’s released on DVD I’m going to have to watch again so I can find them all.