—anyone know of any Wall.E sightings at any of the parks? I can’t find any information about it online. Smallworld


He never made it here from Disneyland like he was supposed to this past summer. :sad:


—awwwww that’s too bad. Well, that explains why I can’t find any information on “him” in any of the park blogs. Ok. Thank you for the info.



They should have a Wall.E ride if you ask me, it’s one of the best Disney movies out their, it’s so realistic.

  • Justin


—maybe if enough of us ask for more Wall.E, they will put him in the parks somewhere!!!


they were going to have a ‘real’ wall.e at WDW as a meet and greet but he never quite made it there. A CM did say there is still a possibility he could come to WDW but not to hold your breath! However, if you go to Disneys Hollywood Studios and visit the Art of Disney behid the scenes tour ( near Little mermaid and Playhouse Disney attractions) there is a Wall.e ‘set’ if you like, that has a cardboard cut out of hime that you can have your photo taken with. OUr DD loves Wall.e and the photos we have ( although he isn’t ‘real’ ) are really cute.


The set has been transformed into a Bolt set. :laugh:


ooooops! LOL!! Oh well…the thought was there! :laugh:


mind you Rowdy…that won’t disappoint DD too much she is so excited about Bolt also that if that is still there when we go back I am sure she will be happy to see that equally. Thanks for the info buddy


I should hope so. Right now, Bolt, Mittens and Rhino are doing meet and greets at that location.


How exciting!