WALL's... Spectacular Colossal Stupendous Ginormous May 8 -15th TR


Well for starters we are here … It’s nice and hot - Not Africa hot!!! To wipe the record clean … the Resort Mugs are Red with Yellow Handle … I’ll repeat … RED w/ Yellow Handle. :eek:

We have had quite the first day and I’ll dish later… But for now enjoy a classic photo of our DD giving Captain Jack Sparrow the finger !!! ARGH :pirate: (Hook people…She’s showing Cap’n Jack her hook! … sigh)

…And of course me enjoying a cold frosty Epcot beverage !!!
C’ya real soon…


Just would not be right if you didn’t have a nice frosty one.

Have a great time…


Hey Wall~ Great starter pics! Is the weather hot hot hot? Like Im gonna melt hot or just make my straight hair curly hot? We check in Tues and Ed (DH) was already talking about how he is gonna melt :laugh: he is a bigger guy 6’2 ish 265 ish so he is worried that he will melt the whole trip. I think he has bad memories of May 2001 :laugh: Cant wait to see more pics and I hope your wife enjoys the GF for mothers day!!! Maybe we will see ya around the world. We will be the ones at all the places that sell the frosty ones ya all like so much.
Cant wait to hear more till we get there. Have fun!!


LOVE the pic of DD and Jack Sparrow! Made me LOL!

Can’t wait to hear more when you get back. Enjoy the hot weather! It snowed last night in MN…


I love your pics too Wall- more please on your return- enjoy


My son does the hook all the time. She was right next to him. That was great!
Loved the second pic too!


Day One …
We arrived early mostly due to the fact that we flew Southwest and they didn’t fool around with getting us here. Our room was ready upon arrival and our bags were already in our room…It gets’ no better than that! We did have a snag with our fridge but they took care of it right away in time for our GardenGrocer order…Whoo Hoo !!!
We took a quick siesta and then decided we would hit the Kingdom. The weather was beautifully warm but not overbearing. (It made me appreciate some of the lines like Small World)
We hit Small World first for the DD and she loved it as always, We then moved our way over to see Cap’n Jack Sparrow and to our surprise we caught the Pirate tutorial with Jack. Our DD was asked to join him on stage to join his crew and take the oath. (She received a cool little certificate from him) After he scurried the young’ens off the stage he turned to say something to our DD and she looked like she was flipping him off :eek: and we were in shock…. Upon further review we saw from our photo that she was showing him the ARGH hook finger…. Whew !!!
With confidence that she would want to follow that up with a ride thru the POTC we waded thru the line only to get towards the front and have the DD say she was scared …. So we made our quick exit! Oh well…
Leaving Adventureland we were lucky enough to catch Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade while standing in the Hub. I took some great photos and can’t wait to see them all.
Seeing that we wanted to do everything at once, we chose to hit the Monorail and head towards Epcot for libations. Naturally there we had to visit Figment and check out the new digs in the gift shop …. Same stuff from before.
O.K. now we started our mini BEER walk… We bypassed Canada and headed over to the UK for some Harp and the British Invasion (Off Kilter was not playing …hence the Canada bypass) Great Show and then we made our way over to see Davy Jones for the Flower Power concert. After a couple of nicely priced golden beverages and some old Monkee songs we decided to head back to the Resort, But while leaving we saw a gold opportunity to visit Mickey,Minnie, Pluto and the gang at the Character Spot. We took more great photos and had fun doing so…. Well that was the most of what we did today and I’m writing this as we are getting ready to head out on a early Mother’s Day …. MORE TO COME !!!
(I’ll be linking my pics on Flickr soon)

               PS….. HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY to ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ROFL! The finger? Yep, she is yours. That is a HOOT! You need to write that down in your Disney memoirs for her in the future.
Happy mother’s day to your wife!
Can’t wait to hear more… Living vicariously here… so hurry it up!


A live trip report!! I am loving it!! Keep going, I still have 96 days, so you gotta get me through!!!:laugh:


Oh me and my dear friend Lisa (Tink) did the flower power/Davey Jones show- oh it’s too cool, brings back a ton of memories for us 60’s flower children! Great TR Wall.


Quick pics… Me and the little one looking for BEER at Pizzafari in Animal Kingdom… And the lil’ lady with her Mothers Day cake at 1900 Park Fare. :pirate:


O.K. … one more quicky pic of us last night at Epcot Character spot.


Great TR WALL! Loved the pics. Can’t wait for more.
The cake your wife is holding looks yyuummmmy!
I know I have said this before but, you have the cutest daughter!!

Tinkerbelle24 you are a girl after my own heart! :laugh:I too have curly hair. I have grown out my hair for my June trip, knowing it’s easier to manage in the humidity!:laugh:

Keep the pics coming WALL…


I love this tr! Can’t wait to see more pics and hear more about your trip!


What a spectacular start! Can’t wait to see and hear more!! Have FUN!!!


Wall looks like you are having a great time. Have a few cold ones for me.


I’ve yet to sit down and type out day 2 …


Great pictures. Keep them coming.


Day TWO…
We started our morning off right with some GardenGrocer breakfast. We thought we would do Animal Kingdom to start off Mothers Day so off we went. We jumped right on the Kilimanjaro Safari to start off the park, And we decided that it would taste better with a cold Beer (There is a pattern developing). The animals were great and we took tons of pics. After leaving there we continued with the beverages and hit Festival of the Lion King just as it was beginning… Once again a great show and lots of pics. The DD decided that she wanted pizza so we hit Pizzafari and had lunch much to my broken heart’s desire to hit Flame Tree BBQ … So the wife had to comfort me with Beer at Pizzafari …. I did mention the pattern, :eek: right???
Anywhooo…. We made our way over to see Nemo the Musical and we were excited because the DD really wanted to see it and said she would not be afraid…. Yippee! Oh , and by the way we hit a Beer stand heading in that direction… The show was great and DD loved it and was happy and we all talked about it the whole time there … She was happy to see Shark Bruce !!! I also picked up a T-shirt and Beach towel with the MINE MINE MINE birds on it for the DW for Mother’s Day, The T had Dora on it and read … “ I forget where I got this shirt.” … very cute.
After a great stroll around AK we decided it was time to head back to the room to get ready for 1900 Park Fare for dinner. We arrived at the GF very early and they actually checked us in 30 min. before our ressies. Right away the wicked step sisters were on us and we all had a good laugh. I was hungry enough to eat a bear , so I hurried myself over to hit that Prime Rib that I boast and brag about to everyone on here and walla … It was awful!!! I had spent a year waiting to get back to that one piece of food that would make me sit back and say “ I can’t move” … Shocked , just shocked at how mediocre it was…
Well at least our lil’ princess danced and hung out with Cindy and the Prince … I knew that was really the reason we were there and the DW loves it too… So I sat back and enjoyed some frosty beverages and they were cheaper at 1900 Park Fare than at Animal Kingdom ……Whhaaaaat???
I had ordered a cake for the DW for Mother’s Day (Surprise) and all went well until the Cast member server asked her if she was ready for the cake to come out …… I looked at her and said “Oh yeah, I guess your getting a cake” , We did have a nice Mother’s Day and she thanked me for her “Suprise Cake” … We did laugh about it and then ate some cake drank a few more frosty’s and then Monorailed over to MK for Wishes and took some really great pics…. Well it’s 5 o’clock on a Monday evening as I’m typing this and we are heading out to Epcot??? Anyway I’ll follow up on day 3 as soon as I can ……
C’ya REAL SOON !!!




Excellent fireworks shot. Did you use a tripod?

I usually get about ten minutes each night to speed read some of the message boards and don’t often log on or post.

My camera takes terrible pictures at night in Disney. Because of this, I am shopping for a new camera. What kind of camera are you using?