Walt Disney Family Museum?


Has anyone gone? Did you think it was worth it? Trying to plan the CA portion of my summer, and I wondered if it was worth going to in San Francisco.


Rats my DW & DD leave for LA tomorrow and I join them in San Diego next weekend. No chance of a San Fran trip in there!


Well, that’s too bad. At least you are going somewhere warm!
Have fun!


I just googled this…it looks great to me! …but I’ve not known anyone who has been there.

I wonder when this opened? It must not have been opened back in the mid 90s when we were there…I know we would have gone.

It looks like it might be located over in the presideo area…which was a nice area to wander and run around…

If you get to this, definitely post pictures…


I will definitely tell all about it if I go… Wondering how much Disney I can get into my CA trip without it being a problem…lol


Turnwrench and I went last summer, and it is without a doubt one of my favorite places ever. It is beautifully done, the exhibits are so creative and the space itself is amazing, and it hits you right in the feels. We spent four or five hours there and still feel like we didn’t get nearly enough. Do whatever you have to do to get there - you won’t regret it.


Is this a traveling museum, like the Princess Diana display that was at DTD in 09? I ask because DD’s teacher went to it in New Orleans a few years ago and loved it.


I am pretty sure it is a permanent museum. Has only been open a few years.

I went to the traveling Diana exhibit, and it was wonderful…


You are right. I had to do a search and realized it was the Disney Animation Exhibit, not the Family Museum- Disney’s “Dreams Come True” art exhibit in New Orleans | Disney Echo

Honestly I would love to see both.