Walt Disney Heads to the Magic Kingdom


Very Interesting!

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Walt Disney Pictures is not just turning one theme park attraction into a movie for its next family outing. It’s turning all of Disneyland into a fantastical new adventure with a big screen project entitled Magic Kingdom.

Battlestar Galactica creator Ronald D. Moore wrote the original script for Magic Kingdom based on his own pitch to Disney, with a story set entirely inside Disneyland. However, Disney is now looking to develop the movie even further, seeking out another writer for the project. Variety revealed that Disney is still looking to use their iconic theme park as the setting for this upcoming fantasy, which will be similar in tone to Night at the Museum.

Magic Kingdom will feature a number of Disney icons such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, rather than just hint at them in the way that Enchanted did in 2007. The movie is said to be Disney’s version of The Avengers, and will introduce the studio’s lineup of classic characters to younger audiences who may not be familiar with them.

Magic Kingdom is in development .


Sounds cool, I have a set of old shows on a DVD set including some old ones of Disneyland with the Osmond’s on it. It is so cool that they are doing this.


Oh rats. I thought this was finally a thread on Walt Disney’s frozen head.




I would love this movie! (Not about the head -lol)


i thought his whole body was frozen…
that would be cool to see… the head i mean.


I wonder if this will be similar to the Ridley Pearson books (The Kingdom Keepers).


That’s what I wondered…and if it’s similar to Night at the Museum, I suspect it could be.

I only read the first book, and it was cute, but nothing to write home about.

I’m vaguely excited for this film, hopefully it won’t be a bomb! :frown:


[QUOTE=nubeanie;1051747]i thought his whole body was frozen…
that would be cool to see… the head i mean.[/QUOTE]

No, just his frozen head is kept up in the top steeple of the castle. The only one who gets to see it is Tinkerbell and of course, she’s very close-mouthed about the whole thing.


Another update from this movie…

Jon Favreau (you know, the guy who was in movies like Rudy, Swingers, Made, and directed Elf, Iron Man, etc…) In Talks To Direct ‘Magic Kingdom’ For Disney

Jon Favreau In Talks To Direct ‘Magic Kingdom’ For Disney > The Playlist

Just a note, the writer is NOT a fan of the movie idea… Just a heads up :whistling