Walt Disney on "What's My Line?" in 1956


I found this video on You Tube and just thought it was a cool video of Walt Disney in a candid conversation after the contestants guessed his identity.

YouTube - Walt Disney–What’s My Line


OMG Loving this! =)


Thanks so much for sharing that. I enjoy watching clips of Walt.


I agree. Was not lucky enough to see Walt while he was alive so all videos of him are good information. Seems like a cool dude.


Oh, I loved that! I wish they hadn’t guessed until the end!


Very cool. I watched the Voice of Donald Duck one also. Very fun find.


I loved that and thanks for finding it and sharing it


Very cool! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome find!


Thanks Wishy, we really enjoyed it. Did you see the one when they were doing the guy with Donald Ducks voice? It was cute as well. Thanks!!