Walt Disney Resort to Premium Outlet Mall


Hi all,

Brand new to this site. You all seem like experts on WDW & surrounding area so here is my question.

My family and I will be staying at Music in A family suite in May. I was intrested in visiting premium outlets, how far is Premium outlets from Music? Approx how long of a taxi ride, and estimated costs would be appreciated. Thanks so much.


Just wanted to say welcome to MouseBuzz. I don’t have the answer but I know someone will.


Welcome to Mousebuzz- I am going to take a guess and say that Premium outlets is about a 20-25 min drive from the WDW resorts- I think its via International Drive. The reason I can’t be sure is that when I am not the driver I dont really take that much notice- but someone else may correct me I’m sure.
We used to get a taxi in the days when my husband didn’t drive and I think was a $30.00 round trip- but I may be wayyyyyy wrong!
Its worth a visit though-


Welcome to MouseBuzz

I agree its around 20- 30 min taxi could cost around $50

here is quicksilvers site you might find more info for the price here

Quicksilver Tours & Transportation : Orlando airport Disney World transportation.

we use quicksilver and find them very friendly also we book all our taxi trips in one go (universal sea world) and they take the payment at the end from the credit card.

its usually cheaper if you book a return trip…