Walt Disney Signature line furnature


So has anyone looked at the Walt Disney line of furnature? The stuff is way expensive, but really very classy. Think Grand Floridian or Disney Cruise Line type furnature. No hidden Mickeys, but tons of style and taste.


huh? no clue, never saw this.


Would help if I posted the link!

Walt Disney Signature Collection by Drexel Heritage



Looks very very nice.


Looks great, but would never, not one piece, fit in my house.
Very mid-century. I see my parents’ house :smile:


OOHH… YEeahhhh… that is sweeet!! Love it!


Very cool!! I really like some of the chairs/couches.


Wow, it’s really beautiful! Not to my tastes, but absolutely lovely!


I like it… :wub:

Would really make my law office presentable… :cool:

Do the little Oscar statues come with the shelves? :laugh:


I like the artwork. I would really consider that Spring picture for my living room.


It looks like it is inspired by Walt office furniture as seen in One Man’s Dream exhibit.

Very nice


Wow ~ awesome pieces…I love the look ~ but the price??? YIKES…:eek:


Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!


Wow! I didn’t see the prices but it just looks expensive!! Beautiful furniture…not for me though… I like my country-ish stuff…


The Furniture collection, Walt Disney Signature by Drexel Heritage will include an integrated assortment of iconic case goods for the home – all inspired by furniture from Walt’s home and office, yet modernized for today’s consumers

Beautiful finishes and detail were inspired by the quality and design of the 30’s and 40’s with contemporary, modern twists for today. Inspiration will initially be drawn from the art-moderne style of the original Walt Disney Studio buildings and Walt’s own offic

So… it’s basically nice standard 1940s and 1950s furniture.

But if you want not Grand Floridian-style, but actual Grand Floridian furniture, you can get it much cheaper on eBay and such. :slight_smile: We decorated in Animal Kingdom Lodge but GF and other hotels’ cast-off furniture is available because Disney sells it to folks who then resell it on eBay and elsewhere.

A quick check on eBay just now turned up a bunch of things – tables, chairs, day beds, etc. So if you really want Disney furniture you can get the real thing… :happy: And some of these things (especially comforters and curtains and stuff like that) have hidden Mickeys… :laugh:



It is beautiful, but does look too retro for me.


OMG ~ i never thought of this…great…a whole new additiction…


RE: The ebay listings.

OMG! I had NO idea you can find resort furniture for sale on ebay!!! I am in lots of trouble now - lol. Are things from other resorts, etc. available? I’m heading over there now…wish me luck. I’m going in! And I may not be back for a while!!!



Good Point David!

I am just waiting to get a home theatre room, then MouseSurplus here I come,! ! ! !

This furnature would work really well in the house I just finished building. Prairie archetecture wants simple lines and soft fabrics and these pieces really fit the bill. Now in my mom’s house this would never work, a bit of a clash with the victorian stuff,lol.


Would I get ‘Time out’ If I asked about playing hide the mickey here?