Walt Disney World for Dummies


Anyone read this? I got it yesterday and am really enjoying it. I own and have read just about every Disney guide cover to cover, but this one feels fresh. So far (I’m only about a quarter of the way through) she’s covering lots of good, not-easy-to-know tips. Thoughts? Comments?


Bali…How up to date is it? I’m a guide lover like you and haven’t seen this one yet. Let us know how you enjoyed it and I’ll be on the lookout to add it to our “guide” collection. Preparation for a trip is part of the fun :happy:


I think most of us here could write a guide like that! Seriously, my oldest DD is always telling me I should write my own guide book with money saving tips because I am so cheap (err, I mean frugal).


I too am looking forward to hearing how it is after you have read it all. I will need something to keep me busy while I wait for Dec. 15th.


What kind of things are being covered?


Have you read the Unofficial Guide? If so, how does it compare to that one?


I was thinking of getting this book but then thought what else can anyone tell a DCer?

It sounds like you enjoyed the read, so I will put in my order at amazon. How is that?


How does it compare with the Unofficial Guide and Passporter??


Yeah - enquiring minds want to know.


Hey I’m stuck on the Unofficial Guide (and the 'net).


I have found “________ for Dummies” books to be user friendly and helpful. But it would take a work of pure genius to get me to move away from the UG.


Definitely don’t pass up the UG or the Passporter for this–those are the bibles of Disney as far as I’m concerned–but this is a substantial companion to have next to them on your bookshelf.

I’ve been a faithful reader of the UG and the Passporter for the past four years or so, and I’m always skeptical when new Disney guide books come out. It never fails that within the first few pages I read, I can already see mistakes! :nonono2: Not to mention that the “insider tips” are usually no-brainers that anyone worth their Disney salt already knows (e.g. “Visit the theme parks early!” or “Take a break in the afternoon to rest and refresh!”).

That’s what I expected with this one, but it’s actually very good. She gives the information you need to know, and even lays down some interesting opinions that I’ve seen message boards debate faithfully for years (bring vs. rent a stroller; Disney transportation vs. rental car; etc.). There are pretty detailed driving maps (which is why I bought the book–we’ll be renting a car this trip and I need a good driving map from the airport), and the language is knowledgable and straightforward.

Again, I haven’t delved into the hotels/restaurants/theme park rides sections of the book. So far I’m still in the “preparation and getting oriented” sections. I’ll give an update when I get further through the good stuff.


Bali - I trust you sooooo much that I actually picked this up in Borders today after seeing the thread last night. I plan on starting it tomorrow night. I love UG and PP as well but am always interested in new info. My hubby had to laugh when he saw that I purchased it today. He was like, “We are WDW Dummies?” LOL ehhhh - Gotta love men! :angel:


Okay–restaurant reviews are quite good. She tends a little toward the “high class” review, but overall they’re quite useful. Her hotel reviews are good, too. Yep, I’d definitely recommend the book.


Hey, the fact that most people don’t go to the parks early is what makes my trips turn out so great! Keep in mind, what’s a “no brainer” for us Disney freaks is a “Oh, really?” to others.


On the other hand, most WDW commandos would read their toilet paper if it was a Disney print…


I purchased “WDW for Dummies” for a long flight across country. Blah. I really can’t recommend this book when the Unoffcial Guide is SO superior. There are errors in the book, and I didn’t really pick up on any information that would be useful unless you were a first time visitor. For about the same money, there is no comparison between the two books. Stick with UG.


Where did you get it? I haven’t ever seen this one…I need a fresh, new WDW guide. I have read all of the current ones for 2006 and am rereading them until September when the new unofficial comes out.


I found it at Barnes and Noble on Long Island. It is black and yellow just like the other Dummie books. If you can’t find it, I can send you mine!


We truly are pathetic… :sad: