Walt Disney World, here comes my family!


Hello to all Disney fans!! My family and I are coming to WDW for the first time in our lives. First a little background, I have been to Disneyland (cali)a bunch of times so when we do Disneyland, we do Disneyland. We catch every show, parade, and ride possible. Disneyworld has always been the dream vacation for us but was never possible because it would be expensive. Well last year we went to Disneyland and stayed at the Disneyland hotel (one dream we finally made happen) and it was then that my mom and I said that we should just spend the money and do DisneyWorld. Which brings me here to you “seasoned” mickey fans.

My mom is handling the hotel issues and $$ part and I’m in charge of making the days happen. We will be there starting June 17-25, our flying days are June 16 and June 26. It takes us 2 days to “do Disneyland”. A friend here at work just broguht me the maps of the parks and they are huge!!! I plan on Epcot, Magic Kingdom, MGM, and Animal Kingdom. Give me some advise…Does each park take 2 days to do or can I do i.e. Animal Kingdom in one day? We plan on the extended hours. Any and all tips/advise is much appreciated!! and oh yea…we’ll be staying at the Coronado springs hotel


Oh wow, HOW EXCITING!! Well, let me tell you REST ASSURED, you have come to the right place!!!

We are here to help and we have MANY years of WDW experience between all of us on DC!!

There are some REAL pros here, never short of advice or opinions!!!

You are officially WELCOMED!!!

I am kind of opposite of you. I grew up in WDW and only made two short visits to DL in my life. This June will be my FIRST time staying on property at the DL Hotel and I am SO EXCITED!!! We will be at the DL Hotel for 3 nights. I am hoping you have some great DL advice!!!


Welcome to DC Ironlou!

In general, I think you’re on the right track. AK is ‘doable’ in 1 day; the others in 2. You will still have tons of stuff that you didn’t get to do. IMO, the worst mistake you can make is to think you can ‘do it all’ in your week. You’ll be going during a hot and crowded time, so I would highly recommend making a list of your top X priorities at each park, concentrate on doing them, and then everything else is gravy.

One common strategy is to park hop. Go to the EMH park in the morning and bail to a different park when it starts to get crowded.

If you have young or old people in your group, plan a mid-day break at your resort.

If you plan on sit down meals, make your ADRs (reservations) when you’ve picked out some places. Do popular meals (like character meals) as early as possible.



welcome to DC first of all and How exciting going to Disneyworld for the first time


If you haven’t yet,consider doing the dining plan. It costs 38 dollars a day and you get one table service,one counter service,and one snack per day. It is a great value,as the sit down restaurants(non-buffet) would easily cost you the 38 dollars all on its own. Oh,Welcome to Disney Central!!!


I’m like you, a total Disneyland baby, and I did my first WDW trip in November. FABULOUS!

I only did AK for half day, but to do it properly, give it a day. How into shows you are (or whether you become obsessed by Millionaire, like I did) can determine if you need 1 or 2 days for DS. Definitely at least 2 days for the others!

I will echo that you should consider the dining plan.

Also, don’t avoid Pooh just because it’s not-so-good at DL. I loved the Pooh ride at MK.

I found the Unofficial Guide to be extremely helpful for planning. They have some suggestions (which may or may not be helpful, the jury’s still out) about crowd levels, and which parks are best for which days. These can also be found at touringplans.com.

Unlike for DL… making your dining reservations is a MUST if you want to eat something other than burgers all the time.

Eat at Tangierine Cafe in the Morocco section of Epcot. YUM!

Do not order the lemon chicken at Spoodles. :laugh:


Thanks for the replies so far, I can feel the Disney hospitality. I guess I should provide a little more detail on the trip. We have 14 total family members going. Ages are 3 kids my nephew who is 2, my two kids that are 5 and 7, 2 teenagers and the rest of us range from late 20’s-late 40’s. So you can see my predicament in making sure I include everyone. We will be doing the plan where our lunches and dinners are paid for along with snacks. Keep the tips coming!! edit add: when I say shows I mean stage shows like snow white and the 7 dwarfs at DL and pocahontas. Not the TV shows like millionaire


Welcome ironsides! This is def. the place to be. You DEF. want the unofficial guide book. I have been using it the past 6 months as I plan my June trip. And I glean something new each time I pick it up. That is your starting place. Go now and get a copy. Shoooo - go get one. Go on!


The Lion King show at AK is AWESOME! Lights Motor Action at MGM Is really cool! All the parades are great, as is Wishes(Fireworks at MK). Illumanations at Epcot is beautiful! These are just to name a few! Have fun in your planning!

WELCOME to DC! :flowers:


Well hey there ironlu! Welcome to DC! You will love this place!! And you will really love WDW—make sure to take copious notes for your Trip Report!!

So Boss…gleaning are we??? You know that is illegal in Delaware…I think it is one of our blue laws. Or did you get one of those new word a day calendars?? LOL!! (J/K)


lol I snorted on that one, too.


Disney World is ready for you!!! You will have a wonderful trip!


:mickey: WELCOME TO DC! :mickey:

First - realize that there is no way to see and do everything in one trip as stated before. I am leaving in a few days for our third trip and there are still things that we have not seen. SO…make that list of the things you want to do the most!

I would plan 1 day for AK, 2 days for MK and EPCOT and MGM could be 1 or two days. Our first trip we did one day and now we do about one and half days there.

Don’t miss the Lion King at AK! A MUST DO! All the parades and fireworks are a must see too for us!

Have fun planning! :mickey:


Hello and welcome to DC!

We esentially did 3 days at MK, and one day each at the other places. We did have park hoppers so we could say go to MGM for Fantasmic when we had been somewhere else earlier.

Our first 2 days we did MK. I liked this because on our first day we felt like if we “missed” something it was no problem because we knew we would be back there the next day.

The best tip I have for you is to not sleep in. Get there when the parks open and you can do a lot with shorter lines - they for your group the nappers can nap or the teens can swim for a mid afternoon break. I don’t know if this will be hard for you if you are from the West Coast with the time difference and all, but that is what we did.

Have a great time!


Welcome to DC! You all are going to have a GREAT time on your trip!!

Everyone’s given such great suggestions so far, I don’t think there’s much more I could add. But since you mentioned shows, be sure to do Lights, Motors, Action at MGM. It is AWESOME. Even if you’re not that into cars. I certainly am not and I can’t WAIT to see this show again on my next trip.

The Beauty & the Beast show is also one of my favorites. Fantasmic is AMAZING, but you have to get there pretty early (we got there an hour early) to get good seats.

Wow. I just realized all my favorite shows are at MGM… huh. :laugh:


Wow! 14 people! If you want to eat together at sit down places, I’d call ASAP (I think you’re within 180 days). It’s going to be a challenge to get everyone seated together regardless. To make it more likely, try making ADRs much earlier or later than most people eat.

Also, with 14, don’t be afraid to split up when you hit the parks.



Wow 2 pages already!!! Thanks again everyone! We are big in waking up early and being there as soon as they unlock the doors and are there til Mickey and the gang are asking us to leave the park. lol As for the total 14…we actually will have 11 until the 21st then one in our group has to leave and 3 others fly in on the 19th. So technically we’ll have 14 total but in reality it’ll be 13. lol…confused?!?

We are coming from Oklahoma City (here because of the military) 10 from here
Mom and her boyfriend (from back home in El Paso, TX) 2 from here
Bro and his girlfriend(coming in from Ohio) 2 from here

Fun fun fun…I’m planning out the trip right now on a calendar (well its a rough draft). I downloaded the podcast’s from the disneyworld website to learn more about the happiest place on earth.



It’s broken into 2 places Future World and World Showcase
Can this be done in 1 day?? Looking at the map of Worl Showcase, it looks more like sightseeing? Am I wrong? Im looking forward to trying some of the food like in the Morocco Pavillion


Well, Epcot is a huge place… but it is pretty balanced between rides, shows, shopping, “sightseeing”, eating, drinking, etc… If you were only focused on 1 or 2 of those things, you might be able to do Epcot in one day.

World Showcase has 2 rides, 4 (I think) movies/shows, lots of shops, and lots of food and drink.

My family loves Epcot, and we’ll actually spend roughly 2.5 days of our week there. But we take things slow and we’ll check almost everything out.



Hello and welcome!!

Looks like you’ve gotten a ton of great advice already.

I know your party qualifies for Disneys “grand gathering”. I don’t know too much about it, but here is a link with more info.