Walt Disney World Holiday Events


What is your favorite thing about Walt Disney World during the Holidays?



The crowds?

Ok, really it is all the decorations and holiday music overlay.


The decorations, the Candle Light Procession, the Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party, and the list goes on and on.


I love the fountain at Epcot dancing in time to Christmas carols. It was super wonderful when the lights of winter were still around. Dh and I would sit on “our” bench and enjoy both displays.

I like the other things people have mentioned but the fountain, you just go up and enjoy. No making a FP or buying a dinner or waiting in a 2 hour line.


Park and rides aside, what I love most about Disney World during the holidays are the food and souvenirs.


Ours was enjoying the resort. It’s always relaxing but extra special with all the decorations. Hubby can’t handle crowds well so we didn’t do the parks too much, but seemed like everyone else was as the pool and hot tub was empty every day. Absolutely LOVE having a hot tub to ourselves when no splashy kids are using it!!!